Vicariate Mass Education

A scene from everyday life of Jesus crowded by people, stuck in the middle of the people and taking care of people’s problems. In this case the problems of foreign occupation forces: took care of everyone. It was enough that a person would need for him to take over.

And along with this attitude of taking charge of the Lord is the other, so cute, the father who was told he had a man who healed. In desperation the father will ask to heal his boy. The attitude of caring, in this case, take care of your child.

Two attitudes oriented life, there is life, and life is good, oriented toward maturity of people, because when someone feels that they are taking charge of their problem lies, trust, walking harder, mature . When someone feels who care, who take good care not to smother him take care, feel free person grows.

Obviously the core, more humane place to take charge and take care of family, and family with school, that’s where men and women learn to take charge and take care, because we allow ourselves to take over and look after us.

And today you just working in education, I do not mean that they are employees of education, work and education are potters, ask them to be craftsmen take over and take care of the kids. Create this civilization of care for one another, to not let indifference for the problem I have at hand or that I have in my care I cope, paralyze me or make me sterile.

Caring for another is also a great power, not only obligation is not only welcome, but a power, a power that can not be delegated or the best of them.

It is a power that each person carries in his heart and is responsible for caring for another.

I want to grow in this attitude of care for one another. May we grow in this awareness that we have to take charge, and here I would say, beyond the boys in our care, too, as men and women of our people, we have to take charge and take care of each other without hire anyone for this job.

This is a social responsibility that strengthens hearts, that gives rise to our children and our youth and even our people, which makes solidarity. You take care and take charge, be encouraged to tenderness. Today I pray that all of you, and me too, give us the grace to learn every day to have tenderness, because well we’ll take care better each other and foster that beware warmly as brothers.

May God grant us this grace.

Buenos Aires, March 28, 2001.
Card. Jorge Mario Bergoglio S.J.

Posted in 2001

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