Archbishop’s homily at the Shrine of San Cayetano

“Blessed are you who weep now, for they shall be comforted!”

Dear brothers, dear friends and faithful of San Cayetano:
Last year we read here the parable of the Good Samaritan with which Jesus always opens our eyes to that truth so great: He is mysteriously present in the poorest, is present in all suffering flesh and needy. When we get to that we are in need, we are neighbors softens the heart, is open our eyes and see Jesus. When we look long or far to the needy, the heart hardens and we do not see Jesus. Do you remember? And remember that the way to not pass by such a need as there is today in our people is to keep alive our hope as we struggle for justice and we have to live jointly keep alive our hope.
On this day, with the Gospel of the Beatitudes, the Lord takes another step in his teaching: Pain is not only something that helps claims and demands solutions. The pain, if I live as Christ taught us, also hides a blessing and even some joy. Joy painful, certainly, but true. How comforting it is to hear all together, as people gathered by the faith, the Gospel of the Beatitudes of Jesus! Jesus approaches the things that hurt us, that we are afraid, we care, we distressed … and transforms them with his word, with that word so close and his companion, friend and word of God’s word.
We can say that when Jesus comes to our pain, things look different: Jesus speaks of the poor, the hungry, those who mourn, those who are unjustly persecuted … but there is hope in his voice, to hear comforts us. Blessed are you who weep now they will be comforted, she says. And that word and it is as if we wipe away the tears.
And yet something else happens. When Jesus said: Woe to you who are rich, those who are now satisfied that laugh now, those who receive only praise … rather than anger us, these people whom Jesus speaks worth giving end. It’s like seeing his folly, that theirs will end badly.
The contrasting images using Jesus in the Beatitudes remind me that we see in the news: poor people on the street and feasting lavishly rich people, poor persecuted for demanding work and rich fleeing from justice and cheer up the people crying for violence and people who enjoy a great time like I live in the best of worlds, people who are hungry and people who throw food … seems a newscast. Yet he values ​​things differently to the news. He looks deep into the reality of life and says ouch! heart that knows not mourn, oh! the heart that has no hunger and thirst for righteousness, ay! the heart that does not feel poor in love, oh! heart is swollen with vanity … is a poor heart, a heart that eventually hardened, despised, alone.
Jesus looks deep in the hearts of each of us, we come laden with grief and overwhelmed by the problems and we will work saying you happy you’re here, queuing for bread and work. Happy you that you have a humble heart and do not feel no more or less than your brother at your side. Happy you you can be proud of having no privilege except that of being my beloved son. Happy you that you have this problem it is hunger and thirst for justice and you know claim and protest, but not to hurt anyone, and foremost you come to ask your Lord and Master. Happy you who do good and often misunderstood and criticized sos, but not low arms of your hope. Happy that you know you mourn with meekness and waiting on God … Happy just not what you lack, or because you are going to solve all your suffering right now (there’s always some suffering), but happy that the gift of God is so great only if your heart is open so you can receive disproportionately. So Jesus called them happy to pass things that open the heart and widen it.
Of all the blessings I want to pause a moment in the bliss of tears, because it makes us enjoy the blessings of Jesus and opens the heart to God as we pray in the queue and we ask our beloved San Cayetano for all our needs.
The blessing of those who weep invites us to mourn for our country, with that sentence is as old as the prayer of lamentation, in which a people known repent of their sins and turn their eyes to the only true God, the only one to save , past the wishful thinking and false gods. It is as if Jesus said: Blessed are you who weep for our country with those tears that are not just one but all, with tears of praying the Lord’s Prayer says bread and when he says “our daily bread” and when says forgiveness says “forgive us our debts.”
The blessing to those who weep tears reminds us of our family. It is as if Jesus said: Blessed are you who weep when they sleep and nobody sees them, and strong squeeze my cross in his hands until he strengthened. For in the tears of a mother or a father weeping for her children hides the best prayer you can do on this earth: the prayer of silent tears and calm that is like that of Our Lady at the foot of the Cross, which known to be beside her Son without outbursts or scandals, accompanying and interceding.
Blessed are you who weep when approaching San Cayetano, asking for bread and work, and it just looks that tear your order and trust his plea without many words, insurance that have been heard and addressed. San Cayetano faithful intercession for his people, for all the people of Argentina. And at this very hard, we redouble our faith and trust in Jesus our Lord. He has promised that he himself, in person, was responsible for wiping our tears. Happy are we if we put our hope in Him all.
The blessing to those who mourn reminds us, finally, our cries of children, it is as if Jesus said: Blessed are you who weep as when they were children and their mother consoled. It’s true what they say that only God can truly comfort our Lord and our mother. So we put our tears in the eyes of the Virgin, and while “sighs, mourning and weeping in this valley of tears” we say, “Come then, most gracious advocate and returns to us thine eyes of mercy, and after this our exile, show unto us … ”
Card. Jorge Mario Bergoglio, SJ

Posted in 2001

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