Archdiocesan Catechetical Meeting 2000

Transcription of the homily of Bishop Jorge Bergoglio sj

EAC 2000 – March 11, 2000

“Repent and believe the Good News” that the priest told us last Wednesday, when we won the ashes.

Lent began with this mandate. Breaking our hearts open and believe in the gospel of truth, not drawn in the Gospel, not the Gospel light, not the Gospel distillate, but in the Gospel of truth. And this to you today in a special way, as catechists are asked: Repent and believe in the Gospel.

But also given the Church a mission: make others believe in the Gospel. Seeing you, seeing what they do, how to behave, what to say, how to feel, how to love: to believe in the Gospel.

The Gospel says that the Spirit led Jesus into the wilderness, and lived among the beasts there as if nothing was wrong. This reminds us of what happened at the beginning: the first man and the first woman lived among the beasts, and nothing happened. In this paradise all was peace, all was joy. And were tempted, and Jesus was tempted.

Jesus wants republish, early in his life, after his baptism, something like that was the beginning, and this gesture of Jesus to live in peace with all of nature, fecund heart in solitude and temptation, we are stating what he came to do. He came to restore, recreate wine. We, in the prayer of the Mass, during the year, say something really nice: “God, who so admirably created all things, and most admirably recreaste”.

Jesus came to this wonderful vocation of obedience to recreate, reharmonise things, to give harmony even in the midst of temptation. Is this clear?. And Lent is this way. Everyone in Lent, to make room in our hearts for Jesus, with the power of his Spirit, the same that led to the desert, rearmonice our hearts. But it rearmonice, not as some claim, with prayers and Intimacies rare cheap. Rather, it rearmonice with the mission, apostolic work, with daily prayer, work, strength, testimony. Make room for Jesus because times are getting shorter, the Gospel tells us. We are already in recent times, 2000 years ago, Jesus instituted the times, the times of this process reharmonise.

The times we are urging. We have no right to stay caressing the soul. A stay locked in our little thing … Chiquitita. We have no right to be calm and loving ourselves. How I love you!. No, we have no right. We have to go out and have that for two thousand years, there was a man who wanted to reissue the earthly paradise, and came to that. To reharmonise things. And I have to say to “Doña Rosa”, which we saw on the balcony. I would have to say to the guys, I have to say to those who lose all hope and those for whom everything is “pale”, everything is tango music, everything is barter. I would have to say finoli the fat lady, who believes that stretching the skin will gain eternal life. I would have to say to all those young people who, as we saw in the balcony, we now report that all we want to get into the same mold. He said the tango lyrics but could have said: “Give it going, it’s all the same.”

We have to go talk to these people in the city who saw in the balconies. We gotta get out of our shell and tell them that Jesus lives and that Jesus lives for him, for her, and tell her with joy … although one sometimes seems a little crazy. The Gospel message is madness, says St. Paul. The life time is not going to deliver reach and announce that Jesus is restoring life. We hope to go to seed, we have to go outside. We have to go out and look.

Many old people like that Dona Rosa are bored with life, that is not enough, sometimes, the money to buy medicines. In how many kids they are getting into the head ideas that we collect as a great novelty, when ten years ago threw away in Europe and the United States, and they give us as much educational progress.

Many young people spend their lives aturdiéndose from drugs and noise, because they have no sense, because nobody told them that there was something big. Many nostalgic, there are in our city, who need a tin desk to go staple after staple savoring so go forgetting.

Many people living good but vain appearance, and is in danger of falling into arrogance and pride.

What we are going to stay home?. Are we going to be in the parish, locked?. Are we going to be in the chimenterío parish or school, in the internal church?. When all these people waiting for us! People of our city!. A city that has religious reservations, which have cultural reservations, beautiful city, beautiful, but it is very tempted by Satan. We can not just ourselves, we can not stay in the parish and school. Catechist, into the street!. A catechize, to seek, to knock on doors. A beating hearts.

The first thing she (the Virgin Mary), when she received the good news in her womb was run to provide a service. Let’s go running to provide the service that we believe in the good news, and we want to give to others. Let this be our conversion: the Good News of Christ yesterday, today and forever.

So be it.

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