Chrism Mass

Chrism Mass

The image of Jesus anointed and consecrated to anoint his people, beginning with those most in need, we are filled with hope and also leads the way in this time of deep crisis in our life as a nation. The Father anointed his Son with an anointing that makes a man “to” others. Anoints him to be sent to announce the good news, anoints him to heal, to release anoints him … Just as there is nothing in the Son who is not from the Father, there is nothing in him that is not “for” us. Jesus is anointed to anoint. And we, his priests, also are anointed to anoint.

In this scene there is something special that attracts attention: Jesus reads Isaiah proclaims sits and anointing and simple majesty: “this scripture that you just heard is fulfilled today.” Although the Lord had been teaching in the synagogue (Luke 4:15) and his fame had spread throughout the region, it is clear who is just in the beginning of his mission. So how is it possible to speak of compliance? This way of speaking to his countrymen were shocked and challenged him: what we have heard you did at Capernaum, do it here in your land (cf. Lk. 4:23). It’s like saying you have to keep trying with new miracles that you are the anointed. This request for more signs will be a constant in those who refuse to believe in Jesus.

We also feel it is striking that the Lord speaks of compliance when its mission has barely begun, and sometimes do not resonate within us that phrase hopeless: why do not you do these miracles here and now we have heard you did then? This phrase separates us Anointed style: in Jesus fulfilled the promises every day … and when not, or we fail to find him, the Gospel text rather should be, “Lord, I believe, but increase my faith!”

The same happens with the Eucharist which is renewed every day with the bread of poverty, it is with the health and freedom that the Lord gives us. We can say that all the gestures of the Anointed, ad words, his acts of healing, we communicate the vision and the freedom that gives us, are characterized poverty. Gestures and actions are poor: reach for today, and – although his anointing was “once and forever” – need constant updating, updating, constant rooted in poverty every moment of our history.

So Jesus acts. For Him heal the sick, and to cure their particular disease is to become anoint, anointed with their pain, a witness of God’s love and be associated with the saving Passion of the Lord. For Jesus giving sight to the blind is not just so they can see for themselves their own interests without help from others. Give the view is to anoint the eyes outbreak faith and to strengthen the practice of charity by giving that joy “see the unseen”, do with hope. To free the oppressed Jesus is no purpose, free of any weight, run alone for life and make a career. Free from all bondage is the weight anoint to become anointed savior weight of the cross and that, free from oppression, mood one carries our cross and follow the Lord assisting another to bear his.

What I mean is that the anointing falls upon the depths of the person and not so much about “things” in which redounds overflow. The depth and effectiveness of the anointing of the Lord is not measured by the number of miracles that can perform, or so far reaching in its missionary, nor so hard your suffering … The deep, reaching to the core of their bones, and efficiency that makes the whole salvation is for who approaches lies in the intimate union and complete identification with the Father who sent him. It is precisely the anointing that Jesus lives his union with the Father making his every gesture is compliance. The anointing is what transforms their time in Kairos, on permanent probation.

The mission is accomplished “today” because the Lord not only gives food, but he himself becomes bread. He does that release the oppressed is true “today” because the Lord not only forgives “cleaning stains” on dresses elsewhere, but that it “is sin”, gets dirty, gets sores … and so gets in the hands of the Father who accepts. That good news is met “today” because the Lord not only makes announcements that will take action, but he himself is the measure that makes us see the light having his every word.

We too, dear brothers in the priesthood, we are anointed to anoint. Anointed, ie linked to the marrow of our bones with Jesus and the Father. Like the priestly anointing Baptism acts from the inside out. Contrary to what it seems, the priesthood is not a grace that comes from outside and it never ends entering the depths of our sinful heart. We are priests in the most intimate, sacred and mysterious of our heart, right where we are children through Baptism and the Trinity dwelling. Our effort is to anoint moral, with that profound anointing, our daily actions and external, so that our whole life becomes, for our collaboration, we already are by grace.

Anointed to anoint, that is to incorporate this union with the Father and the Son in one Spirit to everyone. Let us go priestly anointing Pan while becoming daily bread anointed to consecrate the Eucharist and in each share solidarity with our brothers. Let us go priestly anointing becoming men full of tenderness, while anoint with balsam pain sufferers. That the priestly anointing free us from our sins as we anointed with the Spirit of forgiveness for the sins of our brothers and help them to carry his cross. Let us go priestly anointing becoming light in the world while unctuously preach the Gospel as the Lord commanded us to teach them all that He said. That the priestly anointing anoint our time and our use of it for it to become “probation” for our brothers, as we-the-pace Breviaro Church of the ordinary course of life that the Lord gives us.

In the climate of lack of credibility in which we live, in which everyone has to give consideration public every day, that does not happen to us as well as to the compatriots of the Lord. Or pretend not to seek another credibility that comes from the anointing of Christ. As John says, “In the anointing you received remains of Jesus Christ and do not need anyone to come and teach. Has given them the anointing and taught her everything she is real and not a liar” (1 Jn. 2:27) . Only what is done live and anointing is trustworthy. May Mary, who was the first to experience the fullness of the Anointed presence inside us spreading the joy of his vision full of hope, and with tenderness church we open the field in which, through our hands-pass the anointing of God to his faithful people.

Buenos Aires, March 28, 2002.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio, SJ

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