Chrism Mass April 1, 1999

Chrism Mass April 1, 1999

The Gospel of Luke resonates in our hearts especially in this last year of preparation for the Jubilee dedicated to God the Father testifies that Jesus was anointed by the Father to “announce a year of favor”.

The anointing, especially the anointing with perfumed oil, is a symbol of joy and gladness. He anoints for different things: to heal, to consecrate, to send … but the feature of all these actions is that of joy, like perfume enveloping, penetrating as oil, which spans the entire body and leaves no room without anointing.

Today at the Chrism Mass, the Mass of Anointing, all bishops, priests, consecrated men and women, all the faithful asked the Father to renew in our hearts the Spirit’s anointing, we have all received in baptism, the same anointing that anointed his beloved Son, the beloved, and He told us abundantly with his holy hands.

We pray to the Father who anoints us to be fully sons. May your merciful Father hands settle on us and heal our wounds of prodigals. May the love that flows gently and patiently for his fatherly heart is poured out on all of his people-the Church-herman√°ndonos without leave no room for rancor and division. May the joy that gives the wounded and glorious truth-that the Father loves us! – Fill us with courage to announce this good news to a world thirsting for Gospel of Jesus Christ thirsty.

Anointing is a gesture that is made with the whole being, hands, heart, with the word. It is a fully grant gesture, a gesture that wants to be fruitful and vital. A gesture of Father.

So those who have been anointed, specially those who have been anointed as priests, pray the Father, please teach us to anoint our brothers hearted parents. Father who is given entirely to his family, in all and for all:

when hugs, embraces all, righteous and sinners.

when nothing is saved distributes “Son, everything I have is yours.” So when forgives not mean they celebrated in style.

when he does not get tired waiting, always waiting, waiting every day, waiting all it takes and all her children.

Dear priests, my hope and prayer is that in this Eucharist, to renew the promises we made the day of our ordination, our Heavenly Father’s grace renew us have these gestures anointing, these gestures priestly and fatherly.

We treat each other as anointed at all times: at work, working closely together in the service of our people faithful in prayer, breathing the same perfume sound doctrine of the gospel that makes us one with Jesus and with the Father delivery, giving us entirely to others, and also the difficulties and conflicts that often arise between us priests: … especially here in these conflicts, we have that anointing that made him say to David, in the midst of his struggles with Saul: “The Lord forbid that I should raise my hand against the Lord’s anointed” (1 Kgs 26 November) to well , abound in respect and fraternal harmony.

We want our people anoint baptismal faith, that faith that makes people of kings, priestly people, people of God. That faith of our fathers is what marks the true dignity of our people, which makes it joyful to live amid the current woes.

We anoint our people hope. Put hope only in Jesus, to feel His hands are those that fought and heal, they are His lips that tell the only truth that comforts, that is His heart that enjoys dwell among His people and feel flesh of his flesh.

We anoint our people in love, so they do not get tired of being supportive as it always has been, so that each parent renewed vigor and strengthened in the arduous task of carrying out his family, to all the moms continue putting the balm of sweetness and warmth of home in the heart of their husbands and their babies, so that young people feel the joy of spending his life in the service of others, especially children and the poor, for Grandparents are encouraged to look at the future with hope and prophesy as those old gospel-Simeon and Anna, and convey the message that life is worth it because the Lord keeps his promises: to the sick, prisoners, those alone or homeless, the poor, feel close to Jesus, who came especially for them, to heal, to freedom, to announce the good news.

In anointing the flesh “outraged and glorified” of his beloved Son, God our Father has anointed all our sufferings and our joys. So our hands anointed with chrism, hands should be close to our faithful people, hands do feel the anointing of the Father in the flesh, especially where the meat – which is ours! – “Hunger and thirst, sick and wounded, is serving his lack in prison, you do not have to get dressed, knows the bitterness of solitude corrode born of contempt. ”

To heal that meat Father sent his Son. In his stripes we are healed!. To heal that meat today we are asked anointed fatherhood, fatherhood priesthood. May Our Lady, who gave flesh to the Word of God, and we take care to accompany us on this journey.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio, SJ
April 1st, 1999
Chrism Mass

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