Chrism Mass – April 20, 2000

Chrism Mass – April 20, 2000

“God, your God, has anointed you with the oil of joy” (Heb 1:9)

The frame and the center of the liturgy is the Jubilo Chrism. The Lord comes to announce a year of favor, a Holy Year Jubilee Year. Although its roots refers to a musical instrument, “Jubilatio” is the word used to describe the Latin language the “shouts of joy of the peasants,” the joy of humble workers, small. “Jubilare” is “fuss and shout for joy as the simple and the poor when they sing. Throwing shouts of praise to God.” This is what we describe Isaiah in the first reading, the Lord promised to come to bind up the broken-hearted and change the abatement of the poor in “songs” of joy.
The joy is the joy of small: the farmers who “reap with shouts of joy so that sow in tears” of the shepherds, that joy that the angels announced on the night of Christmas, from Our Lady: the joy is the joy of Mary and Elizabeth, that joy that fills the soul and makes the brim with a contagious joy, of Jesus, Luke tells us that the Lord was filled with joy in the Holy Spirit and praised the Father because he had revealed his small things (Luke 10:21). And if we look closely, the joy of the poor is a joy that is given in around work: at harvest, at the beginning of the mission and to return it. Is the joy that comes after suffering something for Christ, as happened to the Apostles who left “happy being counted worthy to suffer for the name of Jesus” (Acts 5:41). It is the song that drops the heart after being content amid the throes of labor. Is singing that unites and strengthens: “Do not be sad. The joy of the Lord is your strength” (Nehemiah 8:10).
Today we will do well to ask, as sanctuary and as a priestly people, about what gives joy to our hearts. There is a marginal question, a question of minor key. Ask whether there is joy in our hearts, to thank him and ask-is to ask for what unites us in holiness and making effective our pastoral task is to ask for our humility and our strength.
The Chrism Mass is Mass for priests joy: the joy of unity. It is the same Lord, we have to each missionary work and has spread throughout the archdiocese and even further (think of Xai-Xai and those helping in other dioceses), which brings us together on Holy Thursday, as who put in a chalice and the Eucharist makes us feel in your hands, together, to return to partirnos and divide up among the faithful of God. All this joy comes from priestly communion gives us Jesus our Lord: union in the Spirit and the bride in marriage, which is the Church, one, holy. This attitude then all attitudes spring jubilee of priestly heart.
Pope John Paul said the framework of the great joys in this holy year we will fill the heart: the joy of pilgrimage shepherding God’s faithful people into the house of the Father, the joy of crossing thresholds and through the door, which is Christ who gives joy to have memory have known purified apologize, the deep joy that is the result of heroic charity and joy that overwhelms us dramatic memory to remember our martyrs. And, along with these great, are, if one may say so, the small joys that are part of the daily life of every priestly heart.
In the categories of the gospel can say without fear that a priestly heart is strong that it is able to jump for joy at the sight, for example, how their catechists give the smallest class or youth come out at night to attend to those without home. A priestly heart is strong if it retains the ability to jump for joy at the prodigal son returning, who was waiting patiently in the confessional. A priestly heart is strong if he can let you go turning the joy with the word of Jesus that makes us hidden companion, as happened to Emmaus. Do not forget: The joy of the Lord is our strength and protects us against any spirit of complaint is a sign of lack of hope, and against all impatience, more akin to that of priestly hearts officials.
Joy, smallness and strength are very close together, and the thanks I asked the Lord wants us to give to the priests together with all our faithful people in this Jubilee Year Holy Thursday. To receive the joy that comes from the Spirit we ask our Lady to teach us how is it that the largest is the smallest. To receive the grace of humility to the Slave asked to teach us what it’s like to sing the Magnificat in humble service and fraternal encounter everyday. To receive the grace of fortitude we ask Our Lady to teach us how is it never to separate, to hold together joy and smallness, and we ask you please, friends of her son Jesus, not disperse us never heart for pride, but we love and accept ourselves as brothers humbly for “the joy of the Lord is our strength.”

Jorge Mario Bergoglio, SJ

April 20, 2000

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