Corpus Christi (06/05/1999)

People of God, do not forget your Father! This word, which is mandated and supplication resonates today here in a special way. Remember Israel … remember who you are and where you were taken. Moses speaks well to his people. I just heard: “Remember the Lord your God, who fed you in the wilderness with manna, which thy fathers knew not.” Manna, that little bit of “bread” that was kept in the Ark of the Covenant with the tablets of the Law, condensed for the people of God’s memory goodness of God: God the Father, a God companion, a God who cares for his people, which makes walking in his presence and encourages its promises … And the promises were fulfilled in Jesus. In Jesus all the promises of the Father became reality, a reality so vivid, close and tangible as bread.

Today, on the feast of Corpus Christi, we again feel that old plea: Remember!, This time on the lips of Jesus: Remember my flesh is food of eternal life that gives my Father! I live by the Father, and he who eats me will live because of me.

Remembering the Father is one more memory. One does not remember his father not celebrate and give thanks, and immediately, the memory makes us seek some concrete gesture that will make you our affection: a visit, a call, a hug, a card. With our Father in heaven that gesture of affection, which makes our living memory is memory, is communion. Jesus taught them at the Last Supper: Do this in memory of me, and whoever receives me receives the Father who sent me. And since that night, the Eucharist is the memorial of our faith.

The Eucharist is the gift of the Father. Jesus wants us to understand this: “It is my Father who gives you the true bread from heaven.” This bread is no longer temporary food like manna, the Body of Christ is the ultimate food, effective to give life and eternal life. In the Eucharist we have the testimony of what the Father’s love: a love nearby unconditional love that is available at all times, “edible”, pure gift, suitable for everyone humble and hungry who need to renew their strength.

On the feast of Corpus celebrate this great gift and, following the teaching of Jesus, all our thanks goes to his Father and our Father. Jesus wants us to thank Him this food Father: to him be glory and praise. For gratitude. This is not anything we take Jesus because He is nothing but a son, but does not feel as pure gift of the Father. And includes us in thanksgiving and in his offer: “The Father sent me and I live because of the Father, and he who eats me will live the same way about me.”

Jesus, son of Mary, the Eucharist is the living memory of the Father.

Remember your Father, God’s faithful people!

Remember your Father to regain your dignity every day, that dignity which today is often not valued and therefore make you walk banished amid your own land. Remember your Father to live grateful, which also feeds the sparrows will feed you with the meat of his beloved Son. Remember your Father to feel care: with the certainty that no one can take away from his hands as Jesus promised. Remember your brother Father to feel your brothers, solidarity, partner, good friend. Remember your Father and bloom the best values ​​of your heart: The taught you to work for your children and celebrate family know. The judge makes you worry about justice and the weakest responsibly makes you take your commitments. Remember your Father has given to Jesus and He gives you every day in the Eucharist. People of God, the people of Buenos Aires, the memory of your Father has made a humble and hopeful. People of God, the people of Buenos Aires, with Mary our Mother of Luján, which kept all things in her heart, the mother of memory, remember your father every day of your life.

June 5, 1999.

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