Corpus Christi (6/24/2000) – Where do you want to prepare the Eucharist?

“Where do you want us to prepare the Passover meal?” the disciples asked Jesus. And the Gospel tells us that the Lord had everything ready: know the path of the man with the water pitcher, knew the owner of the house with a large living room with cushions arranged on the top floor … And I knew, especially the love that his friends would receive his Body and Blood, that body and blood he so ardently wished to surrender as new Alliance.

Gathered in this feast of the Body and Blood of Christ Jesus we ask again as did those disciples, Lord, where do you want us to prepare the Eucharist? Where do you want us to receive with love worshiping and living God? And tell us again: “Go into the city …” Come out to meet those who carry buckets of water to give water to others. Those who are like the Samaritan woman, leaving the water pitcher ran-made herself a pitcher filled with the water of the Spirit-to the city, to announce to the people, to his brothers, “Come, see a man who I said everything I’ve done. Could it be the Messiah? ” The Lord prepares the Eucharist to those who dare to be men-pitcher, which are left to fill the heart with the living water of the Spirit and are led by Him

Come out to meet those preparing large rooms to others. Salas as he prepared that King of the parable to the wedding feast of his Son. That room that “filled” people because the first guests had excused and did not want to join the party. The Lord prepares the Eucharist to people who dare to open their hearts to others, with those with a father’s heart, a heart like a large room in which everyone is invited to break bread.

If we discover we read simply, these two unknown men in the Gospel, a sign of the mysterious presence of the Holy Father and do work with Jesus in the Eucharist. This happens at every Mass, when we asked the Father to his people congregate endlessly with the power of the Spirit, that same Spirit sanctify our offerings and accept them, converted into the Body and Blood of your Son, as living and holy sacrifice .

Today at us asking us to do as these men, men and women-pitcher, that identify that create links, because their hearts are filled with the living water of the Spirit and show the meaning of life with gestures rather than words . It asks us to make men and women who prepare the table for the Lord and for his brethren, men and women who create their gestures meet projimidad and host. All we are asked to mark our steps paths of hope, but especially to those who are going through times of darkness. Those who suffer most, those who walk without seeing, I say to you that pitcher who perhaps has become a heavy cross, you also have something to give. Remember that was on the Cross that the Lord, pierced, we were given as the source of living water.

And if we are asked to all, young and old, children and parents, we do believe men and women who find they are asked especially to those that are suffering this enormous inequality rooted among us (as our Document “Jesus, Lord of History “). Those who suffer most, to those who feel excluded from the banquet of this world I tell you, look up, keep your heart open to solidarity, solidarity that no one should steal the heart of our faithful people, because it is your reservation , their treasure, because it is the wisdom that our people learn as a child in the school of love that is the Eucharist: school love of God and love of neighbor.

When we our knees at the moment of consecration, as we worship Jesus saying “My Lord and my God”, let us ask the Virgin to her empty pitchers who knows, to tell Jesus as at Cana: “no wine “. Let us ask him to pray for us, now, to do what Jesus tells us. Pray for us, Mother, to be servants and faithful servants, that we fill our jars to the brim, so the Lord will turn the water into wine in his blood that cleanses us and gladden our hearts with hope.

While we worship Jesus, let us ask Mary, she who made available the large hall of the Spirit of his heart that the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, to pray for us, now, to a widening our heart and become a little more like it: it is a meeting between brothers and projimidad between us and God our Lord.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio, SJ

June 24, 2000

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