Easter Vigil – Metropolitan Cathedral 22/04/2000

A while ago, in the court of the temple, we proclaimed that Jesus Christ was yesterday, is today and will always be as we marked in the Paschal Candle, figure of the Risen Christ, the date of this year. This gesture is repeated that the Church is the proclamation centuries forceful throughout history, of what happened that Sunday morning in the cemetery in Jerusalem: He who existed before Abraham was born, which would become the neighbor of road Us, the Good Samaritan who picks us up beaten by life and our freedom labile, who died and was buried and his tomb sealed; That is risen and lives forever.
Ad is those women surprised by the stone rolled away and the angel sitting on the spot where he had been dead. An announcement that, from that moment, it was transmitting melee through the history of mankind. An ad that boldly proclaims that now, in the midst of every death, there is a germ of resurrection. The beginning of the liturgy, in the dark, there is nothing but a symbol of darkness and death, whereas light is Christ, spark of hope in the hearts situations and, even more mired in darkness.
The Angel takes away the fear of women: “Fear not.” It is that instinctive fear all hope of happiness and life, the fear of truth than what I see or what I say, fear of the joy that is given away for free wasted. And, after reassuring warning “fear not” sending “Go now, tell his disciples and Peter that He goes before you into Galilee, there you will see, as He had said.”
It will always precedes us Lord, the Lord awaits us. The Apostle John, when he tried to explain what it was love, had to rely on the experience of being preceded feel expected: “Love is not that we loved God, but that He first loved us” (1 Jn . 4:10). Although in our lives, one way or another, seek God, the deeper truth is that we wanted him, we are expected by Him almond blossom As mentioned by the Prophets because it is the first to bloom, and the Lord: He expects the first, He will “primerea” in love.
Centuries ago that our God is ahead of us in love. 2000 years ago Jesus “before us” and us in Galilee, the Galilee of the first meeting, the Galilee that each of us has somewhere in the heart. The expected preceded and feel the pace of our walk to the meeting soon. The same God who “loved us first”, also is the Good Samaritan who is neighbor and says – as the end of the parable, “Go thou and proceeds in the same way.” Just like that, do what he did: “primere√°” your brothers in love, do not expect to be loved but loves first. Take the first step, we will step out of sleepiness (that I could not watch with him) or any sophisticated quietism. Step reconciliation, love pass. Take the first step in your family, take the first step into this city; hacete neighbor of those living on the margins of what is necessary to subsitir: every day more. Let us imitate our God that precedes and first loves, gesturing to projimidad towards our brothers who suffer loneliness, poverty, job loss, exploitation, homelessness, disdain for being migrants, illness, isolation in the elderly. Take the first step and take it with your own life, the announcement: He is risen. Then put in the midst of so much death, a spark of resurrection, that He wants you to take it. Then you will be credible profession of faith.
Easter tonight I ask our Mother to help us understand how this “primerear” in love. To her, he was awake sustained by hope, help us not to be afraid to proclaim, by word and projimidad attitudes towards the most needy, that He is alive among us. And that as a good mother, lead us by the hand silent adoration of the God who goes before us in love. So be it.

22 April 2000

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