Homily at San Cayetano (07/08/1999)

Dear friends:

I want to greet you all with great joy in the Lord and pray with each of you, in this sanctuary that unites us and shelters us. Here, in San Cayetano, we feel that our Father God gives us a place in his heart. We have a place in the heart of the Father! How beautiful is the grace of our faith! We have a safe and gentle. Tender as the small spike in his hand the Holy. That spike with grain row reminds us that “get in line and walk” to take grace of the Holy is a gesture of hope. A safe and strong as this temple where the Spirit gathers us all, without excluding anyone, and we feel the people of God, with one mind and one heart.

At the heart of our Father God has a place for us, as individuals and as a people! Many people can not find their place in our city! Or because they are excluded, have no place to live, have no stable place to work, or because they are disoriented: they have abandoned their battle station in life, to fight for the good of all, to fit in places of privilege only provide fleeting joys.

You realize when it takes place, when it is accepted and welcome … For example, this feels the job seeker and you say-after all data-take, “and we’ll call it.”

With God our Father the experience is totally different: here we are all called, ever, again and again and we have been invited. The Father is like the pattern of the parable that leaves at dawn, mid-morning and afternoon, to find laborers for his vineyard. The Father is the one that, when we have lost, disoriented as the sheep, sends Jesus to get us to put us back in our place, to feel placed in life, to heal the wounds and put us back on our site.

Our site is the Father’s house. Of a father who not only expects us but we go out and look to Jesus. A Father who knows our wounds, knows what having a child is lost and alone in the desert in which our city has become for many, a desert where sometimes hard to find friendly faces and helping hands.

To get here we also have to queue, for we are many, but our wait in the queue is full of hope. The one before us is not a competitor but a brother. Same as behind. And when we see someone who is poorer, less warm, more needy, remember that for our Father that person is the most important, most searched, which receives the best touch. And as the good shepherd carries the lost sheep on his shoulders, we too want to pitch in and do feel God that his people are with him that he is not alone with Jesus in this task to heal wounds, to bring to back home to who prowl. Put the shoulder is a gesture of our Father God, and we must imitate. Like when our saints we are and everyone wants to pitch in, if only for a while. When you put that shoulder shoulder cerquita heart is so close that you feel the weight directly-one finds her place in life. When we put the shoulder to the needs of our brothers, then we experience, with wonder and gratitude, which further leads us on shoulders. That has led us from guys who time and again has been reloaded, with joy, with love, as a father carries his son. Basically, if we define who our saints, we can say quite clearly: those who put the shoulder. That’s San Cayetano, feels so our people so we all feel. That is Jesus who bore us all on their shoulders and take us to the heart of Father God.

Since our Lord said, “Whosoever will come after me must take up his cross and follow me.” And beneath the Cross there is only room for which you want to put the shoulder. Put the shoulder is a grace of the Argentine people. A grace left us by our elders and we have to teach our children. A grace that allows us to differentiate clarito father who is and who is not, who is friend and who is a traitor, who wants to help and who is a playboy.

In Jesus’ shoulders, on the shoulders of our saints, San Cayetano, we are in the heart of the Father God. Today we ask the Virgin the grace to be strong, to put his shoulder to the needs of our brothers to remain a people who follow Christ and his Cross-load without losing hope, suffering and praying, begging God and giving thanks, happy people amidst the difficulties of life. When we do that we are a people guarded by the peace of Christ which surpasses all, a town that knows for sure and feel under the cross of Christ is the best place in the heart of his Father God.


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