Lesgiladores political meeting and Latin America (8/3/1999)

Living Jesus Christ is here among us to celebrate the Eucharist. It is the same Lord of Life who multiplied the loaves (Mt.14 :17-21), which led to his disciples get into the boat (id.22), who went up the mountain to pray alone (id.23 ). The same Lord who-am-went to the disciples walking on the sea (id.25), just as we heard in the Gospel. Before His Lordship believer bow our hearts and worship. We join him in this Thanksgiving to begin the work of this meeting focused on the theme “Family and Life at 50 years of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights”. He is the Lord of all Life, He is the faithful Witness (Rev.1: 5) remaining in their loyalty because he can not deny himself (2Tim.2: 13). He came to give life and give it in abundance, is God with us, buddy-road at the crossroads of history, the small and the great history-is present. So the Spirit moves us to confess as did the disciples in the boat to calm the storm: “Truly you are the Son of God” (Matt. 14:33).

Small and big storms! The theme of our meeting marks one of the largest in history. The Holy Father warns that “seems to be emerging a model of society in which the powerful predominate, setting aside and even eliminating the powerless. Thoughts turn to unborn children, helpless victims of abortion in the elderly and incurably ill, subjected to times to euthanasia, and many other people marginalized by consumerism and materialism … “(Eccl.in Am, 63). “This model of society is characterized by the culture of death and thus contrasts with the Gospel message. Given this stark reality, the Church community is increasingly committed to defend the culture of life” (ibid.) . The defense of the culture of life is to be given in all areas but we can not help noticing that their more solid foundation rooted in the family, the foundation of human life. And today “there are many pitfalls that threaten the solidity of the family institution … being-both-challenges for Christians” (Eccl. in Am, 46).

We like Peter that night at the lake: on the one hand the presence of the Lord encourages us to accept and face the waves of these challenges, on the other hand, the atmosphere of self-sufficiency and arrogance, pure pride, which creates this culture of death threatens us, and we are afraid of sinking in the storm. The Lord is there: we believe with certainty that gives us the strength of the Holy Spirit. And, defying the Lord, is the gasp of many unborn children: the daily genocide, quiet and protected, there is also the claim of the dying left asking a caress of tenderness that can give this culture of death, and also is there that many families in tatters by the proposals of consumerism and materialism. Amid this antinomy and the glorious presence of Jesus Christ, today, united as God’s faithful people, we cry as Peter began to sink when “Lord, save me” (Mt.14: 30), and we extend our hand to cling to the One that can give real meaning to our ride through the waves.

We ask our Mother, the Mother of all life and of all tenderness to teach us this way to build the culture of life and showed it to the first disciples when the persecutions began. And to our Father God, humbly, please look at this society so fraught with death, making ours the Moses phrase, we say: “Please, Lord, that cures” (Numbers 12:13).

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