Mass 25th Pilgrimage to Lujan – (Luján 10/03/1999)

We heard how Jesus looked at his mother. From the cross, looked and showed to all of us and said, “This is your son, these are your children.” And Mary, feeling that look of Jesus, will be remembered when young, thirty-something years ago, felt that another look that made her sing for joy: the eyes of the Father. And he felt that the Father had watched their smallness. Little Mary, our Mother, who came to see today, and who came here to find and meet her gaze. Because his eyes are like the eyes then the Father that he looked tiny and the Mother of God. As the eye of the Son on the cross that our mother did this look today and looks at us. And today we, after a long journey, we came to this place of rest, because the look of the Virgin is a place of rest, and come to tell our stuff.

We need your tender gaze, his eyes Mother, that we uncover the soul. Her look is full of compassion and care. And so today we say: Mother, give us a look. Because the eyes of the Virgin is a gift, not purchased. She is a gift. Father is a gift and a gift of Jesus on the cross. Mother, give us a look.

We come to thank her gaze is in our stories. In that we know each of us, the hidden history of our lives. That story problems and joys. And after this long journey, tired, we meet his gaze that comforts us and say: Mother, give us a look.

In the eyes of the Virgin, we have a permanent gift. It is the gift of God’s mercy, that looked tiny, and made his Mother. By the mercy of God, that looked from the cross, and made our Mother. This good Father’s mercy, we expect every step of the way. And to meet the Father, today we tell our Mother: Mother, give us a look.

But we are not alone, we are many, we are one people, and the gaze of the Virgin, help us to see ourselves among us otherwise. We learn to be brothers, because we look at Mother. To have that look that seeks to rescue, accompany, protect. We learn to look in his eyes of Mother.

The gaze of the Virgin teaches us to look to look naturally less, and they need most: the most helpless, the lonely, the sick, those who have to live on, the street children, those who do not know Jesus, those unfamiliar with the tenderness of the Virgin, the young are wrong.

Do not be afraid to go out to look at our brothers with that look of the Virgin, sister and so we go weaving with our hearts and our eyes meet this culture of much needed, much-needed our country.

Finally, do not let anything stand we look to the Virgin. Mother, give us a look. Nobody hides from me. That my heart can defend the son of so many hucksters who promise illusions of those who are eager for life look easy, with promises that can not be met. We did not steal the gaze of the Virgin, which is tender gaze and look that empowers us from within. Look that makes us strong fiber, which makes us brothers, that makes us solidarity. Mother, I do not mislead your eyes; … regálamela Mother asked. That I never feel you are looking with tenderness as ever, and that helps me look look better to others, to meet Jesus, to work for more brother, more caring, more found with others. And so together we can come to this rest house on the tenderness of your look. Mother, give us a look.

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