Mass with the consecrated (08/09/1999)

God with us is the name of our Redeemer, God with us. We want to highlight today. This unique way we have to be us tonight: the consecrated, consecrated the diocese next to the bishop.

We. A woven by charity Church of the Holy Spirit, and today we come to meet this God who is always near us, but we come to greet him, come to worship, we come to say again that yes, with the renewal of our and vote yes on this diocesan Church. That inserts itself into this holy faithful people of God who walks in Buenos Aires. We’re here today.

And the Church came to us today, presents the figure of the Mother, which will give birth. The one that will bring Him to be with us.

“Therefore the Lord will give them up until the moment of birth the mother should be.” And in the Gospel also speaks of motherhood. Of how Jesus was conceived. The Church and consecrated consecrated us today poses the question that is also inviting the fruitfulness of the Church.

“The mother should be” is Mary, the mother is to be the Church. Mary as a figure of the Church, as the Church of Mary.

And that should be a mother is, glossing, following a holy father, is also our soul, that is, our innermost being: Mary, the Church and the soul.

We are told of fertility Church, and in this assembly looking to Mary, the Church and our soul, we wonder about our fertility as consecrated men and women. Our fertility here in Buenos Aires where obedience commanded us to work, assuming front the challenge of being parents, single or not single qualified. Consecrated life only makes sense in light of parenthood, ie the light of fertility, as the devoted family style to which one belongs, but we are a pensioner fertility of people with religious culture, more or less pious, hardworking perhaps, but not consecrated.

Consecration anointed in fertility, as the mother of the Lord was fruitful in his salvation and the Church is fruitful.

And that generosity fertility implies deeper, to shed continuously to give life to others. The very life of plunder is what gives life, not the selfish plundering Pelagian ultimately that worships the personality, but the theft of a father and a mother who only walks shedding for another take his own life and Life has meaning to the extent that you can give it to others and make it grow in others. In light of this Word that today the Church puts before us looking at the Virgin, in light of what the Church is our mother, we look at what our soul is consecrated. It is fruitful. Consecrated life always going to be tempted, makeup, lose themselves in the project itself, in its own plane, in the work itself, in the thingy. And that’s when the consecrated life becomes meaningless. Good people, very good, but no children. And I say that without children without hope, because you have a father and a mother when you bring a child into the world when playing innermost self to another life, the hope is that it brings life to the world, that life aroused in the Lord, in our case, grow, be adult, I will shadow surpass me, and I closed my eyes.

A fruitful religious life, consecrated life is a hopeful, believing that his bowels of the spirit, the power of the Spirit goes, who gives life to others.

A consecrated life is a life devoted fruitful to look beyond the doors of their convent, has broader horizons and continuously raises what the Lord says through the things that are happening every day, what life is asking the Lord through the thousand and one daily events, in the intimacy of prayer and sharing of community life. Jesus today asking me to give life. Wide horizons, horizons beyond our noses. And this is the mission that we have consecrated persons in the Church, reflect the fertility of Mother Church, reflect the fertility of Mother Mary in our own fertility. Reflect the hope of the Church, the apostolic courage reflect the Church, who gets locked worshiping himself, his thing, his little book, in its own organization.

The worst enemy of religious fertility is functionalism, that fertility test tube, artificial. If no previous fertility functionalism serves all commits adultery. We have to be smart in the media and plan them escojamos.Tenemos be sought, but in light of our hope, our apostolic courage involved in such fertility. Do not believe that we are serving the Church if we cute apostolic plans but singles and unmarried.

Today we contemplate “which should be a mother” and congratulations, it’s your birthday. I thought someone out there nun, she could think to bring a cake. Not encouraged. Birthday of the Virgin. The welcome, but the great glory of Mary, is that her virginity was fruitful. He brought us the meaning of our existence, God brought us and today we fruitful in our mother the Church come to tell Mary that she want to be, we want to be in the Church, ie parents. Hope that we splurge, splurge fertility splurge apostolic courage. She asked for the grace of a fruitful part of the Church to which we belong, generous, fruitful, and grace that many children when we touch when we close their eyes. So be it.

Buenos Aires, September 8, 1999

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