Millennium Christmas (18-12-1999)

How wonderful to hear all together, here in silence, the Gospel reminds us how God came to be “God with us” was received by Mary and Joseph. Jubilant exalt the Blessed Trinity shining humble and hidden in this Holy Family. As the Holy Spirit works inside the Incarnation of Mary (which is pure availability, pure stop doing what God wants), Father-represented in the “angel of God” – makes all arrangements with outside San Jose (which is pure obedience, is just getting up and doing be sent). And they all revolve around the baby Jesus, the beloved Son of the Father, the anointed by the Holy Spirit, the UN expected. He who came to save his people from their sins. He who comes every day to be with us at every Eucharist. Jesus, in whom we believe and we hope to come back.

The Jubilee is the birthday of Jesus. The first Christmas celebrations were simple family. Joseph and Mary have celebrated alone, in exile, the first birthday of Jesus. The “God with us” thought it was just the two of them, but, if we hear the Magnificat, we realize that Mary always loved Jesus with the heart of town, with a heart of Church. And so it was that, after the Resurrection of the Lord, little by little, Christmas began to be a feast for all the faithful people of God.

Two thousand Christmases have passed. Seven hundred years before Isaiah had prophesied that a Child would be born would be called Emmanuel, “God with us.” A God with us who has always wanted to be a God walks with everyone.

Two thousand Christmas, and the child will not disappoint your faithful people, of us. He continues to put trust in our hands, in this gesture of delivery is the Eucharist: I am God with you, as if repeating his silence warmly bread.

“God with us” is a beautiful name of God. It’s like his surname. His name is Jesus, or Father or Spirit … but his last name is “God with us.”

To speak of the need to say “we.” Only if we let it be with us, as he left Mary and Joseph, it becomes possible to culture the meeting, in which no one is excluded, in which we all look like brothers. Because it is in the vicinity and in the encounter where Jesus was born, love. That love that is rooted in the memory of a shared grace: “a Savior has been born and it will be wrapped in swaddling clothes.” Love feeds on the common hope of the Holy City which will cover us all, which is the best image of the broken bread.

So today, to receive the Eucharist, also feel next door, feel the presence of all and say, God with us. Remember to St. Joseph and the Virgin and say, God with us. Think of the hope of Isaiah and the Prophets, of our father Abraham and the Patriarchs, and say, God with us. Like us the love of the Saints, the crowd of men and women who “lived in their friendship through the centuries” and pray with them, God with us. Let’s look for the poorest to say to them, God with us. Take the hand of our children and say, God with us. Cherish our elders and, with them, confess, God with us.

States by the memory and hope of Bethlehem, the House of Bread, the Bread of Life that two thousand years ago gave us the Father, Our Daily Bread gives us today, and the Bread that Jesus himself will leave for us at the banquet of heaven, now all together, as brothers, profess our faith in God with us: I believe in God the Father ………


Jorge Mario Bergoglio, s. j.

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