Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio
(Recording improvised words)

This is an area of ​​encounter, dialogue. A field without exclusions. One area where we are all responsible, in one way or another, in helping our people from social activity, from political activity.

There were things I told you that I was impressed and I want to return in conclusion, very briefly.

The person of the politician. One more of those citizens who have the responsibility not to undermine the policy and, in that sense, today more than ever we are asked to reinstate the policy commitment. Because when head is pulled down against a politician and that is universalized to politics, and politics is one of the highest forms of charity, because it points to the common good.

The political vocation is a vocation-here the word twist, the twist but to indicate what noble, almost sacred vocation, it is to help the growth of the common good.

He spoke transversality policy. Urge, is the method. No of sprays or closed hunting. I would say no transversality without dialogue. If there is no confrontation of ideas seeking the common good, we become paralyzed. This is a good way to reorient the policy and that in one line of creativity.

Remarked that politics is not only to manage crisis. That may be true at the moment is to get out of a crisis. But reduced to manage crisis like dejéramos: “Well, you calmed the atmosphere, now we rest.”

Creativity, fertility. That phrase, “politics is not to manage crisis” grabémosla good at heart. Sometimes we have to put out a fire, but the political vocation is to be a fireman. The policy is to create, to fertilize.

In this state, linking the political with the social, I want to make a problem that is troubling me and that can be a temptation against the social crisis. That the management take the state to decline their responsibility in promoting and assisting antihuman social.Es privatize social promotion and assistance social.En this point, the state must assume the role of facilitator, integrator, responsible auditor, Delegator but can not decline the responsibility that is given by vocation: to care for the common good of the people.

I said that this was an area of ​​dialogue and human involvement. And it’s different when one is through a letter, an article, or a distance or a bad confrontation, that when in a relaxed, knowing that we think differently, we have different views but participated lazy days, humanly, in seeking the common good.

The human as a key in the political-social, where the human person-every man and woman is the center of the concern, to the action and also the subject of the action. That is, we will create that fact if we integrate human, not only professional but as a man and as a woman. So, put the meat on the grill.

And that, the human-value-that is, against the anti-value. The negative value today, in my opinion, is the human goods, that is, mercantilism people. Man and woman become a commodity over the projects that come from the other side, which are installed in society and that somehow go against our human dignity. That is the negative value. The human person as a commodity in the political, economic and social.

And from this value, the human, and its anti-value, human goods, point out the two ends of life as personal concern:

Children today are at risk for poor nutrition, bad or insufficient education, of being unfit to fully integrate into society. It may create a caste of minus-habentes. A boy who does not have enough protein the first two years of your life will fall into the category of oligophrenia. That we have to take care.

The children now so treacherously delayed and despised. We we tear their hair when we read in the newspapers recently the boys slave ship. That does not just happen there, that happens every time there is a policy to save childhood of the human person, the heart of the person as a value. Setting it as a great concern.

And the other side of life: the elderly, the elderly. With these two ends of life can not be experienced, do not experiment. We must grow in children’s lives so they can make their contribution rich, big and full to society. And grow older wisdom that have accumulated throughout life.

That’s what I can think to say thank you again and participation.

Posted in 2001

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