Request for the new national authorities

11/12/99 Metropolitan Cathedral (Transcription)

 Ask me whatever you want, God tells Solomon. And Solomon asked for wisdom to rule. And praise God. The Lord was pleased that Solomon made this request and said that thou hast asked this thing, and hast not asked for yourself long life, nor riches, nor the life of thine enemies, but have asked a wise … That gesture of Solomon looking at the sky, because little is known. Your server tells God is in the midst of your people, I’m a boy. We would say in Buenos Aires: “I am not much”. Humble heart of a ruler who looks up and asks for wisdom.

Jesus also subverts the values ​​and says whoever would be great among you is your servant, whoever wishes to be first must be your slave, as the Son of man came not to be served but to serve. Solomon’s gaze was upward gaze Jesus teaches us, who have some responsibility of government, is also sideways. Look at the sides! And rule, is to serve each of these brothers that make our people.

The word of God is very simple, when you forget to look up and ask for wisdom, falls into this defect so poor: the sufficiency. And sufficiency to vanity, pride … has no wisdom. When you forget to look to the side, looking at himself, or look at your surroundings, the people forget or fall into the temptation to see his people through multiple mediations, which may serve as functional but do not touch the heart. And to whom is given the mission to serve in office, we are asked to never stop to look up, to avoid falling into the adequacy and never stop looking to the sides, not to mention our people.

I ask the Lord today, for all those who have a responsibility of government, but in a special way for you: for you Mr. President, for you Mr. Vice President. For all who are going to help these two people, which the Lord the grace to always look upward for wisdom and always look at our sides to perceive, in our flesh and in our hearts, the feelings of our people .

So be it.


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