S.E.R. homily Archbishop Jorge Mario Bergoglio Te Deum in 25/05/2000

Then Jesus went to a town called Nain, accompanied by his disciples and a large crowd. Just as he approached the gate of the city, had to bury the only son of a widow, and many local people accompanied her. Seeing her, the Lord was moved and said: “Do not cry.” Then he came and touched the bier. Those who took Jesus stopped and said, “I command Young, arise.” The dead man sat up and began to speak. And he delivered him to his mother. All were struck with awe and praised God, saying, “A great prophet has appeared among us and God has visited his people.” The rumor of what Jesus had done spread throughout Judea and all the surrounding region. (Gospel of Luke 7:11-17)
From the Holy Father’s call to the celebration of the Great Jubilee, this year, for every Christian, has been full of hope. In 2000 not a conventional live but celebrate anniversary permanence of Christ among us. We remember your humanity transforming grace and strength we remember of our nature. The first, to thank and praise, the second, to acknowledge and apologize. To all this we call conversion.
As the Gospel says, “A great prophet has appeared among us and God has visited his people” (Luke 7:16 b). There is joy because God is with us and among us and, despite resistance sin is love, He offers us the joy of feeling redeemed, to feel called to love again, as he taught us. We are invited to begin a new era: the restart of Christ who, despite “knowing what’s inside man” remains confident in the gift of freedom, in the spark of love that the Spirit pours into our hearts.
I am sure that all Argentines desire is to reach this anniversary of May with the same hope that today encourages Jubilee million worldwide. Joy of Christ incarnate in the faith and in the pain of our people, hoping to relive those heroic air, beyond the errors and conflicting interests, knew conjugated to begin the adventure of a new nation. Hope delves peaceful soul and therefore the open-heart-magnanimous, confident in the promise, in his word, the men are released from suspicion and pessimism of his immediate right and even the weight of certain evidence . The living sample of what awaits the dignity of being image and likeness of the Father. His joy is free or not depends on the success of the most immediate results.
And the deep rooted joy and peace endures, the joy is the built-in short-ties beyond the differences and constraints. The Argentines want to be reborn in the promise of the largest that the country began, and for this we need desperately to the hope that joy to sprout, it will emerge as the links break down fears and insecurities, which today seem insurmountable distances. Hope for Joy, joy for the link.
To this date, a year ago, I highlighted the need to reestablish social ties among Argentines, a hopeful link: A link that brings the painful gap between those with more and those with less. It must bring young people are not your own social project. A link we rekindled a childhood love often despised and impoverished. Alarmed us against every person who loses their job. What we do with solidarity and integrators for destitute immigrants and goodwill, arriving and must continue to reach. A bond that makes us especially careful of the elderly who have worn his life for us and deserve to celebrate today and regain their posts transmitiéndonos sages and teachers hope.
Redefining our social bonds with hope!: This is not a cold, rationalistic postulate ethicist. This is not a new far unattainable utopia of a disaffected pragmatism and plundering. It is the imperative to live together to build the common good possible, a community of interests resigns to share fairly their property, their interests, their social life in peace. Nor is it only a technical or administrative management of a plan, but it is the constant conviction expressed in gestures, personal approach, a hallmark, which expresses this desire to change our way of linking kneading, in hope of meeting a new culture, the projimidad, where privilege is no longer impregnable power and irreducible, where exploitation and abuse are not more common way to survive. In this approach to promoting a culture of hope to create new links, I invite you to win hearts, to calm and convincing.
We saw in the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ initiating the link hopeful of a new town. The image of Jesus raising the widow’s son is a strong image, with the strength of the drama, not the tragedy in it and death and resurrection life. No pain or disguises dims hope. The key is that Jesus is moved, approaching, touching the pain and death and new life becomes. Do not let those mourning the dead boy crush hope: “Do not cry,” said the mother and touched the pain. Sometimes I wonder if I left it in certain circumstances of life in our society, as in a sad procession, and if we do not insist on putting a headstone on our search as if we were walking to an inexorable fate, threading impossible, and conform with small illusions devoid of hope.
We must recognize, with humility, that the system has fallen into a broad cone of shadow: the shadow of mistrust, and that some promises and statements sound like funeral procession: all comfort the bereaved relatives but no one raises the dead. Arise! is the call of Christ in their Jubilee. Argentina Arise! as we said on his last visit, the Holy Father, as we dreamed and made our founding fathers. But until we recognize our intentions double no confidence or peace. Until our conversion is effected will not have joy and gladness. Because excessive ambition, either for power, money or popularity, expresses only a great emptiness. Those gaps do not transmit peace, joy and hope but suspicion. Do not create links.
Toca, Lord, our Argentina still young, but not inward-open to its neighbors. Show us your gesture of love that makes us lose our fear! And we, animémosnos to play: to play the outcast of the system, seeing it as men and women who are more than likely voters. Under republican institutions and to give support to those community organizations that do shake hands and part, privileging intimacy, brotherhood, loyalty to the principles and objectives as a new “productivity”. So young people recover specific horizons, discover possible futures empty set aside, that delve vacuities themselves.
For this you must touch the bereaved, who all believe dead. You have to give value, “Young man, say to you, arise.” To this, like Christ, we must dare to give up power that captures and blinds, and exercise the authority to accept and accompanying serving. A few have the power of finance and technology, others wield state power, but only an active community that becomes solidarity and joint work may, in its creative diversity, promote the common good boat, be custody law and coexistence.
As Christ Redeemer, who did not take the glory for himself revived the young, but returned it to its scope, its mother, and who currently own some authority to serve the community. Give in the limelight from the community, support and sustain those who are organized in pursuit of its goals. This will break the barriers of isolation that paradoxically supercomunicado exists in this world. This is about public affairs to their protagonists, they do not want to mortgage their fate unknown representatives sheets.
7. We believe that these community initiatives are encouraging signs of a participatory joy. Here a revolution is brewing inside and-while-social transformation that escapes the “macromanipulaciones” systems and structures to be genuine strange people. These initiatives provide an excellent output versus social suicide causing all philosophy and technique that expels labor, marginalizing the tenderness of family affection, which negotiates the values ​​of human dignity. It just takes a bold and hopeful initiative give ground, give up the role of futile, the initiative to stop infighting exhausting, plus insacibilidad the power.
We can, if we can, we have no doubt, we can return a young Argentina to our elders, our elders, those men and women who today, so often come to the end of his life and can not have “joy” because they have been disappointed and on the verge of skepticism. With them we owe, not only justice but also of survival for our youth, for they are embers of memory. Hopefully we encourage Argentina to restore a hopeful, like the young returned to his mother, that they encourage your smile life expectancy of young saddened today. And then we see that the dead will rise we thought, as we read in the Gospel, and start talking. Then realize that “hope does not disappoint” (Rom. 5:5).

Jorge Mario Bergoglio, SJ

May 25, 2000

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