TE DEUM occasion of May 25.

Homily of Archbishop, Card. Jorge Mario Bergoglio SJ,


“Then the mother of Zebedee’s sons came to Jesus, along with their children and worshiped him for something.” What do you want?, Asked Jesus. She said: “Send my two sons sit in your kingdom, one at your right hand and one at your left.” “They know what they want,” said Jesus. “Can you drink the cup that I drink?.” We can, “they answered.” Okay, Jesus said to them, You will drink my cup. But to sit at my right or left is not mine to give me, but for those for whom the Father has destined me.

Hearing this, the ten became indignant at the two brothers. But Jesus called them together and said, “You know that the rulers of the Gentiles rule over them and make them feel powerful authority. Between you and should not happen. Rather, whoever wishes to be great among you be your servant You, and whoever wants to be first must be your slave, as the Son of man came not to be served but to serve and give his life a ransom for many. ”

(Matthew 20: 20-28)

1. – It is clear that there is no new thing in our time begins that first impulse to who has power to obtain some favor. We just heard in the Gospel as the mother of John and James asked Jesus to take account of their children. What I do is new is the Lord’s answer: “They do not know what they want. Can you drink the cup that I drink?”. Calyx What is it? The Lord speaks of the calyx of the service and to give life to the point of shedding blood for those we love. And even more novel is the change in attitude that the Lord did in the apostles, they really changed, not his lust for greatness but the way to find it and went from the fickleness of small accommodations to big desire real power: the power to serve for love. On this day of the Fatherland, I dwell in the Lord’s teaching: “Whoever wants to be great to be your servant, and whoever wants to be first must be your slave, as the Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve … “(Mt 20.26 to 28)

Service, worshiped and manipulated word at a time, a word that expresses one of the most original riches the path taken by humanity in Jesus Christ, who came not to be served but to serve, who humbled himself to wash the feet … Service is the bow to the needs of others, whom lean-to-discover, in their need, as my brother. It is the rejection of the utility indifference and selfishness. You do for others and for others. Service, a word that arouses the desire for a new social bond by leaving us serve the Lord, then, through our hands, his divine love down and build a new humanity, a new way of life. Service, word etched deep in the hearts of our people. That spiritual reserves inherited from our grandparents sprout our dignity, our capacity for hard work and solidarity, our serenity aguantadora and hopeful. Service as a core value, arise, if one knows stir in the embers of our common heart (because people have a common heart) that keep those great attitudes integrated into our society. I wonder if we understand today, better than those emerging disciples, that we have been given a wonderful opportunity, a gift that only God can give: give us and give us entirely.

2. – The service is not merely an ethical commitment, not a voluntary excess of leisure, not a utopian postulate … Since our life is a gift, to serve is to be faithful to what we are: this is the ability to close it that is, to love to the end of your limits … or, as taught us by example of Mother Teresa, serving is “love until it hurts.” The words of the Gospel are not directed only to the believer and practitioner. Reach across both ecclesial and political authority, because they bring to light the true meaning of power. It is a revolution based on the new social link service. The power is service. The power only if it serves the common good. For the selfish joy of life do not need much power. In this light we understand that a truly human society, and therefore also political, it will not be from the minimalism that says “live to survive” nor from a mere “consensus of diverse interests” economistic purposes. Although everything is covered and has its place in the always ambiguous reality of man, society will be authentic … only from above, from the best, from the selfless giving of one another. When we undertake the path of service is reborn in us the confidence, desire turns heroism own greatness is discovered.

3. – Given this obvious reality that rest on the collusion of power, insist on denying the needs, not addressing contradictions, accentuate internal hatred, merely prolong an agony of mediocrity. And while admitting the difficulties imposed on us from outside beyond our control, we will always be ultimately responsible for our own subjugation and procrastination. While some try to profit accentuating divisions and shifting the focus of the great challenges, once again from the deepest reserves of our people comes the intuitive assessment of evangelical appeal we have heard today: drink the cup of the service! Our people drink it daily in the service of millions who quietly put the body to work or search for him and not for speculation, in the service of supporting the coexistence and solidarity and not the absurdities silent ghosts of xenophobia own Stirring ideological minority conflict in the service of those who suffer the globalization-poverty-have continued to be equals in solidarity of community and cultural events, spontaneous and creative. All these women and men of our people, who reject despair and revolt against those mediocrities, want to say no to anomie, not the nonsense and superficiality fraudesca (when not farandulera) that encourages consumerism. And no, in short, people who need a pessimistic and overwhelmed with bad news for monetizing your pain.

4. – From the service provision, shaken by poverty and vulnerability, torn by violence and drugs, bombarded by pressure escapism of all kinds and forms, we rise from our own contradictions. We accept the chalice painful and took our best reserves as a people with little news and less propaganda. In each individual and community solidarity effort of an extensive network of social organizations in each researcher and scholar who bet to finding the truth (although other relativicen or silent), in each teacher and teacher who survives adversity, every producer it remains committed to working in each young studying, working and gives its commitment to form a new family. In the poorest and those working or seeking work wearily, not swept up in destructive marginalization nor the temptation of organized violence but silently and delivery which grants faith, still love her earth. They have tried a chalice, delivery and service, has made balm and hope. They manifest the great cultural reserve and morale of our people. They are those who hear the word, they save the applause rituals, which really echo and realize that no one speaks for others.

5. – On this day we want patriotic plantearamos the question: are we willing to drink the “cup” of the “silent Christs” of our people? Does drinking from the cup of sorrows and pains and miseries of our limits as a nation but, at the same time recognizing spot-cheerful wine-form ourselves with the mode of being of the people they belong? Encourage us to serve? Without sham and mediocrities to feel worthy and happy to be what we are?

We are invited to drink the cup of hard work and solidarity that, from the beginning, she met the man of our land. Working mestizo, despite many disagreements, to Aboriginal and Spanish. Labour cost blood for independence, who forged the world’s admiration for the dedication of educators, researchers and scientists. Working awakened social consciousness of millions of neglected, and advanced on the continent, and also tried and tested our arts and letters sometimes when timid sing our joy of being Argentine. The chalice of solidarity work in the service is the most genuine response to the uncertainty of a country full of potential that are not performed or are postponed again and again, indefinitely, stopping his course of greatness. Is the answer to the uncertainty of a country damaged by privilege, by using the power for their benefit at the expense of representative legitimacy, for those who demand sacrifices untold, hidden in their bubbles of abundance, while evading its social responsibility and washed the riches that the efforts of all produce, for those who claim to hear and do not listen, by clapping ritual without echo, for those who believe that talking to others. The rules of the global reality of these times are a bitter cup, but this should increase the ethical commitment and effort of a leadership that has no right to demand more from below if the sacrifice does not drop from above: “… that would be great, that your servant. ” “Serving” imposed by “Make use of”.

6. – No less than the solidarity work as primary service is also out today, the embers of bitterness, warm grilled hopeful serenity. Indeed, from the depths of our reserves, in the experiences of faith community of our history and still be affected by our miseries, must return to our memory many religious and cultural forms of art, community organizations and individual achievements group. Because in the rescue of our reserves, our good be inherited, is the stone of the future starter.

Just as we can not promise love forward without having received it, we can not be confident in being Argentine goods without the rescue of the past. And this without resentment sterile, simplistic revisionism without losing sight trifles scrutinize the great things that help build the reference values ​​that every society needs. Do not forget that when a company is pleased to make fun of their privacy and allow their creative trivialized, then opaque and the possibility of being free is worn by a superficiality that drowns. And when such attitudes are proposed to a community whose basic needs are seriously assaulted, then the logical reactions arise violence, addictions and social and cultural marginality.

Rescuing our memory means, however, outbreaks contemplate a soul who resists oppression. In our village there are demonstrations nesting artistic feeling and humanization, there is a return to faith and spiritual quest at the failure of materialism, scientism and ideologies; spontaneous organizations of the community are existing forms of socialization and search the common good. These popular proposals, emerging from our cultural reserve, transcend sectarianism, partisanship and petty interests. Now also, as in Argentina yesterday and always looming common objectives and solidarity to Spanish natives, Creoles and immigrants, all faiths in pursuit of the common good.

This call serenity because it builds with good supportive and creative joy, hopeful, for points beyond the interests and achievements, is the emergence of love as privileged social bond, which is like itself. Serenity takes us away from institutionalized violence is the antidote disorganized or promoted violence. And it will be the same serenity which we encourage unanimous defend our rights, especially the most urgent: the right to life, the right to education and health care (that no policy can delay) and the inescapable responsibility of strengthening the elderly, help promote the family (without which no humane or law) and children, now neglected and despised treacherously.

7. – On this day of the fatherland, the Lord calls us to leave everything servility to enter the territory of the helpfulness, that space that stretches to the best of our concern for the common good and that is the true homeland. Outside space helpfullness no country but a strife-torn land of faceless interests.

On this day of the Fatherland, the Lord encourages us not to be afraid to drink the cup of the service. If the service makes us equal, dislodging false superiority, if the service shrinks distances us selfish and draws us closer approximation-not afraid: the service gives us dignity, restoring the dignity that demands its place, for your height and your needs.

On this day of our people Patria claims us and asks us not get tired of serving, so only new social bond that we crave, will be a reality. We have already proven ad nauseum how our living by wearing oppressive abuse of a sector on the other, with internismos giving back to the big problems with ambiguous loyalties, with sectoral or ideological clashes more or less violent. These dialectical confrontation lead to national dissolution, cancel the meeting and projimidad. The service invites us to converge, to mature, to build-in short, a new social dynamic: the differences in communion whose fruit is serenity in justice and peace. Plural communion of all the talents and all efforts regardless of their origin. Communion of all who dare to look at others in their deepest dignity.

This is the gospel proposal propose today in commemoration of the date that is the living memory of our deepest moral reservations as a people; proposal that will, if we assume, the best tribute to our forefathers and ourselves.

Card. Jorge Mario Bergoglio S.J.

25 May 2001

Posted in 2001

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