The dialogue that the country needs


1 Given the gravity of the situation of our country that we face a crisis, considered by many to be terminal, the Standing Committee of the Episcopal Conference of Argentina goes to the public and especially the leaders and heads of institutions country. In the exercise of our pastoral mission, and respecting the political, we reiterate our willingness to serve the recovery of moral values ​​and a sincere dialogue between the Argentines, in the framework of full respect for democratic institutions.

2 This dramatic crisis is above all moral. This requires a change of mind and greatness of spirit. To restore dignity and hope of our people and not enough words. Dialogue imperative and urgent need for sincere renunciation in the mind and heart of the entire leadership. We think there will be a useful and credible dialogue if each sector sincerely wonder what you are willing to give up for the sake of the whole country.

3 To overcome this moral crisis must not lie to the people with promises that they will have to meet and act with absolute honesty, for theft and bribery disappear from the stage of economic and political life. The ruling class must set an example to share the sacrifices of the people giving up the privileges and impoverish offend him. We must understand that the exercise of politics must be a noble, austere and generous service to the community and not a place for personal enrichment or sector. And also that economic power can not destroy with insatiable voracity health and living standards of our brothers. We must recover the value of his word and an independent judiciary in the service of truth. The marked deterioration of values ​​have significant importance of social media, unprejudiced and surface programs, weaken the moral sense of life of our people.

4 is such a desire for power that the nation becomes ungovernable. In this crisis suffer more the poor people: the poor and vulnerable, such as the unemployed, retirees, small businessmen, farmers and traders, as well as lower-income employees. It is very urgent to recover jobs and proposes policies that encourage production and equitable distribution of wealth, to overcome the unjust social debt hanging over our people and endangers peace and governance of our country.

5 The dialogue that the country demands of the various sectors of its leadership should have as a goal the establishment of a new time and space unless an exchange of benefits or political benefits. The dialogue that the country needs to be a sincere search for truth and the good of all with a constant concern for the poor.

6 We must face a painful truth, our country is impoverished: poor provinces, municipalities poor and poor families. Indebted for generations and lacking a national project that integrates and engages us, we have lost credibility in the world. Argentina has, however, human potential, spiritual and natural wealth that will allow us to keep our hope in this time of crisis, relying primarily on the presence of Jesus Christ, the Lord of history, who pray in our prayer for their country.

7 Christmas is near. We celebrate the birth of Jesus in whom God became man for us and wanted to share our fate. As we grew out of a Mother, the Virgin Mary, and earned his bread by his effort. By their example and their words taught us the gospel of work, brotherhood and salvation, to give his life for everyone. Christians and men and women of good will encourage you to find in him the model of truth, justice and solidarity that our country so desperately needs.

130th Meeting of the Standing Committee
Episcopal Conference of Argentina

Buenos Aires, December 13, 2001

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