At the time of the departure of Jesus, some disciples doubted. Doubted what would happen to them. Doubted themselves. Doubted the consistency of his heart.

But all, at the time of departure, all sure everyone remembered the first time he spoke.

That first encounter with Jesus Christ was in their heart, and from that first encounter echo receive mission: go and teach.

One could translate: Find yourself go and every day with each of those who are close to you, with each of those who have commanded.

Father John said that every day, every morning, when a teacher is with his student, begins a story.

Today you, to give in the name of Jesus mission to find every day in the person of their students, a person waiting, a heart that wants to be loved and learn to love, a life that wants to wait, today to give this mission, I ask you not to forget the first meeting. From the first meeting with the teacher. Today is that I’m visiting my first grade teacher, who is 91 years old.

In every encounter with a boy and a girl playing a story.

You who were found by Jesus Christ, who received the outpouring of grace by Jesus Christ, to approach each of their boys or girls are not going to sell anything, because you are not “maniseros of teaching”, you are transmitting life, of a life lived. So, the teacher teaches from the heart, the teacher does not trade.

The entire school community has to put on the “grid” of life, the “meat” of his memory, the “meat” of your own life, with its successes and failures, their graces and sins, but is always the first encounter with Jesus Christ. That look in which we were created, formed. That look that is sending each morning to look with the same eyes of Him to every boy and girl who approaches me.

Teaching, educating, and grow, while work transcends purely remunerative work patterns. Goes further. Take life by the hand and take her to listen to the concerns of this life, not impose, but from the hand to propose the way. And that is only made from the heart.

If a school community, teachers, administrators, all school staff not put your heart out there, since we fail in order to convey a memory, to convey a look of hope, to convey what a future.

Boys and girls are going to remember you when life vibrate. In times of crisis in which everything seems to stir us, we lose orientation, compass loca.Si gets you came with eyes of parents and mothers, brothers and sisters look, put in that little heart, in that Teen heart or in that young heart, the warmth that comes from a mature heart by memory, by fighting, by default, by grace, for sin that boy or that girl that now have beside you when see buffeted by the crisis, will not lose the north. Suffer because of that we are not exempt any of us, but the compass is not going to get mad and will know where the north.

You are meeting women and men, promote the encounter with himself in each of his boys and girls.

You are men and women of memory and remembrance, teach them to remember the looks of tenderness that were built. Teach them to discover the gaze of Jesus Christ.

You are men and women of hope, because they are betting on something that will transcend.

I ask the Virgin winners go on that bet, because we all win. So be it. ”


September 13, 2000 Holy Year Jubilee

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