Transcription of the Homily of Cardinal. Archbishop pronounced on December 24, 2001 at the Metropolitan Cathedral

“The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light.” Isaiah’s prophecy that promises, in the darkness, a great light. A light that is the hope of the people of God. A light bases his faith, his loyalty to God. That light is born in Bethlehem, is collected by the maternal hands of Mary, for the love of Joseph, by the rapidity of the shepherds. And they take care of the hope of an entire people. He took Mary in his loneliness and his surprise when the angel said: “Nothing is impossible with God”, and she believed and took over hope. He took over from José hope when warning signs of motherhood and having decided to leave secretly listens to the voice of the angel and making him, in the midst of a misunderstanding in his heart. Both took over that night sad when all doors were closed. They believed that the child was the hope and took over in that condition as adverse. He took over when they went to the temple and recognized in these two old wisdom of all the people. Joseph and Mary took over hope, against the order, “Rise, take the child and his mother and flee to Egypt … for Herod will seek the young child to destroy him.” Joseph and Mary took over three days in hopes of distress when the child was in the temple, and she – after all these years – returns to take over the noon hope in dark Calvary. Today we are asked to meet this boy who is the light that illuminates the darkness, that is the hope promised us to take as they took over two. We do hope by believing that with God nothing is impossible. We do office amid the desolation and destruction of closed doors. And put our effort to build our business. We take charge of our seniors, who are the hope of a people because they are wisdom. We take charge of our children, whom this civilization of consensus and leveling down the ground, take away the faith. Take care of the hope is to walk with Jesus in the darkest moments of the cross, in the times when things are not explained and we can not go forward. Today we Argentines explain many things, nor do we know how to follow. Today is looking good for the child, Mary and Joseph feel like a voice: “Get up, take the child and his mother walk the path of hope.” Let us hope by. That is what I ask tonight that simple. Jesus is the hope: let us hope by this. Working, praying, worshiping God, fighting, not down the arms, seeking whom he shut the doors to open other, finding our seniors who are suffering so much and ask for wisdom. Caring for children.

Today in the midst of this darkness light dawns Argentines, that is neither mengano or sultano or perengano: is Jesus Christ. The one that gives hope that does not disappoint. Let us by Jesus Christ, this hope with all the consequences as Mary and Joseph took over. And today I would like my people to pray that prayer with a sad Christmas night became one of the great poets of our country, asking the Lord to grant us take charge of our hope.

Lord, who never denied me anything,
I ask nothing for myself, I ask
each brother just sore,
for every poor of my beloved land.
I pray for their bread and day,
bird by his penalty expired,
their laughter, their singing and whistling,
today that the house was silent.

I ask, in the words of knees,
a crumb of your wonders,
a crust of love for your hands,

an illusion, just an open door;
today that the table was empty
and cry in the night, my brothers.

Posted in 2001

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