Vicariate Mass Education

Vicariate Mass Education

Transcription Homily of Bishop Jorge Bergoglio sj – Metropolitan Cathedral 29/3/00
That beautiful expression of the first reading: Is there such a nation so great that God has his near it, as the Lord our God is near us whenever we pray to him?
This reflected the people of Israel throughout their journey through the desert along its history felt his God was near. May our God was near, because our God is near, is the God of all proximity, is more intimate than our own privacy.

And that intimacy that God has with his people, he has with each of us, who is in town, recording in our hearts. The records in these mandates of the talk: “Now Israel heard the decrees and laws I’m going to give.” There are external laws are laws of the heart. Laws put the heart of God to the heart of his people, the heart of every woman and every man of his people.

Laws placed tenderly. And then there is the transformation of the heart, when He says I will transform the heart of stone into a heart of flesh. Heart of tenderness, the heart that receives those ten mandates as known, not as a mandatory external, but as a kiss of love and assurance that that way one becomes more and more women, more men, more mature, more for others, more sower of peace and hope. These commandments are the seed of peace and hope.

Jesus takes this and says: “He who obeys and teaches these commandments will be called great in the kingdom of heaven.” Ie obeys and teaches that the way of love engraved on the heart, which can be summarized as the same sums, in two great commandments: “You shall love your God and love your neighbor as yourself.”

That is displaced hatred, strife, poor competition, wickedness, deceit. They are a source of peace and hope and so today we are together as a people educator to propose this year to educate in peace and hope. And educate together because this is everybody’s job. It is work of a people very close to her God himself, who is in God in the heart. Educating in peace and hope.

Do not want a pond peace, a peace that does not move. Ultimately remember to standing water is the first to be corrupted. That is not the peace of our God close.

The peace of God our peace nearby spring that still flows, and that continues to create things with his life and giving it water and giving life to his own peace. Keep creating hope. Our peace is founded, is source is source of a hope that we will transcend even ourselves, but already today we must sow.

Educators who are here, those who devote their lives to grow the heart of many girls and boys of our country, I say look this spring, the spring that is the peace that God put in our hearts with His commandments. And do it walking, help him, encáucenlo to give life to others. Make it grow.

And to the students and students who are here, learners and boarders, I say not to miss the richness of this spring, be creative. Know that your life is meaningless, as they take over the kiss of love and tenderness that God put in his heart and transformed into peace, that peace leads to life, and then to the other firm.

That’s what today I ask our God, the God who is close, the God of our hearts. The God who recorded their mandates in our hearts. The God of love, the God who raises peace as a spring, for us to relocate to the other, and as he became our nearest neighbor and, let us close neighbors and others, leading this life and this message of peace and hope.

So be it.


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