Dear friends, just listened to reading, St. Paul exhorted us saying: “You have between them which was in Christ Jesus.” It’s the same feeling that invites us all to come to San Cayetano, a very deep feeling. The same sentiment is expressed in many ways: Hope you are queuing for several days, weeks even, in solidarity of those who bring a package of grass or sugar for those who are more needy than himself, in who wants to be fair and appreciates the work calls bread and very touching image of the Holy Faith and remembering the faces of loved ones …. All these feelings spring from a deeper, feeling that Jesus described in the parable of the Good Samaritan. Jesus said to the Samaritan had compassion, “he touched the heart” when he saw the wounded man by the way. This happens to us queuing to ask and thank San Cayetano: we softens the heart.

But look good: the tenderness of the Good Samaritan was no sentimentality passenger. On the contrary, the compassion made the Samaritan had the courage and strength to help the wounded. The others were loose, which harden his heart-by-passed by and did nothing for his neighbor.

That warmth and compassion made the Samaritan felt it was unfair to let a brother and pulled. The tenderness made him feel solidarity with the fate of the poor traveler who might have been himself, he brought forth the hope that there was still life in this lifeless body and gave her courage to get to help. Sense of justice, solidarity and hope. Those are the feelings of the Good Samaritan. Those are the sentiments of Jesus to all of us who, many times, we are like the man, robbed by thieves, stripped, beaten and wounded … yet alive and full of hope, wanting to heal and to cure all of society so sick, wanting to improve along with our compatriots, wanting to let us help.

So we are here with a heart in need of help as the wounded-while-willing to help like the Good Samaritan. These are the feelings that, through the intercession of San Cayetano, we want to ask our Father God, that our hearts become more like Jesus and faithful People have the same feelings that took Jesus.

Justice, solidarity and hope …. are different ways to not pass by, as did the other two characters in the parable who was lying saw, took a detour and went long. Coming here, to San Cayetano is a way not to pass by. Thank the daily bread is a way to not pass by, to be fair to our Heavenly Father who cares amid the injustices of men. Request jointly work in this queue in which we are not competitors, but brothers, is a way to not pass by. Keeping alive the hope while fighting for justice and solidarity is lived is a way not to pass by.

Approaching. No detours or pass by. Approaching today, now: that’s the key, that’s what Jesus teaches us. We have to approach all our brothers, especially when you need. When one approaches “it softens the heart”. And in a heart that is not afraid to feel tenderness (tenderness that is the feeling that has the father and mother and their babies) which is needed becomes like our son, someone small who needs care and help. So the desire for justice, solidarity, hope translate into concrete actions. Gestures like this good Samaritan who anoints with oil and sell wine and wounds, which takes care of the wounded taking it to the inn in your burrito, you spend your money for child care and promises a return visit.

But when we approached, when we look away, things do not hurt us or we soften. There is a saying “out of sight, out of mind”. But the opposite is true, especially today when we see everything, but on television: “Heart is not about that does not touch the pain, out of mind … and-so-looking eyes but not see “.

So here, in this time when we are together, amuchaditos as grains in this endless Tang San Cayetano is the row, near San Cayetano as the Baby Jesus, our hearts are as one heart. Here together as God’s faithful people, we have the same feelings that Jesus had, and we thank the Father for it is He who touches us the heart we thank the Virgin, because she-as Mother of us all, we deal with tenderness and we get the feeling that Father had Jesus desires to be effective fairer, more caring and full of hope.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio, SJ

August 7, 2000

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