Youth Pilgrimage to Lujan

Homily of Archbishop Jorge Mario Bergoglio sj, during youth pilgrimage to Luján.

Our visit to the house of the Virgin this year has special meaning, we have asked us to find her son in each brother.

We walked for miles because it costs us but we ask that love, need your help your help to find Jesus in every brother. We do not want to spend indifferent to the brother among brothers do not want to destroy us. We meet as brothers, working for this fraternal meeting culture a reality. And in this way, efforts to deliver change in the heart that prevents us from being more siblings.

We want to be generous and sometimes hurts us not to be so we ask our Mother: “Help us find Jesus in every brother”

Like the other years came at her and slept with her. There is much in life that overwhelms us, but we know that here we expected and we came and asks what we receive. She knows we walk because we need this game. We also know that a long way to look at us and find us to be brothers.

She also made a long way and brought to Jesus this Holy Year we are living in a special way we celebrate the birth of Jesus. She, with her life, shows us the way to find him and is the way of the brothers.

You young men who are always ready to shop, to go for a walk, as today to Lujan.

You who want to be faithful and live everything with passion, do not dare to live this way of love with Jesus this love between brothers?. This way of meeting that need both Argentines.

Jesus and his Mother, here in Luján receive them, love them and invite them to accompany the record in this way. A fraternity not waver in the meeting. We came to meet the love of Jesus offered sincere and we always leave a mark on the heart, a trace of hope to keep walking. We need this hope.

We say and we say, “Mother, we see Jesus in each brother.”

We need it, we do well.

1 October 2000.

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