Homily of Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, sj
Metropolitan Cathedral. Mass Education. 09/04/2003.
On this day of the last week of Lent Jesus speaks in a bipolarity of freedom and slavery. It is the struggle of every person: to be free or a slave … and goes to the heart of each of us … points to our very existence, challenges us: are you free or are you a slave? ‘re Free? With spontaneity that gives consistency to be a person? o sos slave for the conditioning that you accept, you stop by the limits crystallize in sin or just for autonomy?

In light of this bipolarity “freedom-slavery,” Today, we begin the school year and before you today boys and girls in our schools, and educators with whom you prefer to call teachers. Educator is a function, … be a master teacher, is a passion. Teachers to you, I want to raise this, free or slave?? And the key to solve the antinomy, in the words of Jesus is the truth: the truth will set you free, if you stay true to my words are truly my disciples, know the truth and the truth shall make you free.

What frees the man, making it truly free person, which anoints him in its full potential is the truth, whole, sometimes hard, sometimes reluctantly accepted, sometimes crucifying, but the truth. So as it is. The temptation in our own weakness often leads to dribble the truth, to qualify it, to menguarla, when not to negotiate or put it aside.

Being teachers is to take hearts of boys and girls and inculcate, teachers with passion, the passion for truth that can not be negotiated, it can not be agreed, leveling down the values ​​that make our existence. And we are aware that this civilization has become a market of half-truths negotiations that are lies. Bring to a boy or a girl by the way of half-truth, for the path of deception is prostituting his heart, is to plant instead of freedom, corruption.

Our vocation as teachers passionately leads us to sow the truth that will make them free, that’s not going to give in to the fashion, to marketing, to the easiest, with the “make your own”.

The truth sets us free, and this is what Jesus proclaims today, it is not truth makes us slaves. To you guys and gals, I ask you not to be afraid of the truth, seek it, do not be afraid to make mistakes seeking truth, they will find. But beware of those who sell the deception, that seduce with lies. Beware of stained glass, today we also offer stained glass are telling us the truth more precious. A You want teachers who are passionately. And to you guys and girls would want a school year in the truth and she set them free. So be it.

Buenos Aires, in Lent, AD 2003

Jorge Mario Bergoglio S.J.
Archbishop of Buenos Aires

Posted in 2003

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