30th Youth Pilgrimage to Lujan

“Mother help us. Want to be one people”

For thirty years, as people of faith, we share this rite to come to the house of our Mother and we do so with the confidence placed in it that we receive and protects us.

Youth 30 years ago wandered up here asking for the Fatherland. Today we join the same feeling: wanting to be one people. And here we are together receive the same care of Mother.

We celebrate what it meant to have walked these miles, having passed in silence before the image and look. Tell what we were bringing along the way. What many say he asked us to see it. Things that are shared in your house, it’s our home, our family’s house, the house of our people.

To many, from kids, brought for Baptism or to show the image of her that remained to greet us. And so we know and are familiar to us was doing this House, and took the habit of coming to visit the Virgin, to be near her, to have this meeting we rest.

Thus, with these simple and profound things has grown our people. There are many stories of lives that have been reconstructed here. Our people rooted in a desire for brotherhood and family desire. Today we come to tell Mother that we want to be one people, we do not want to fight among us, to defend us from those who want to divide us. We want to be family and that’s why we do not need any revanchist ideology that seeks to redeem. We just their love of Mother, she asked, “Mother we become one people.”

We do not stop to thank you for the image of your clean and pure Conception has been miraculously on the banks of the River Luján founded this town. So we as a pilgrim people follow us realizing that we grow because here is someone who brings us together and unites us. Looking at it, your home and our house, we say: “Mother we become one people.”

We know that Mary bore the cross after Jesus’ body. It is a sad and sacred the memory gives us hope, because it is the biggest love of our beloved Mother. Here is the greatness of God. In the moments where everything seems to be losing the love God shows mostly greatness, makes us strong. It is love that today we carry in our hearts, is the blessing that fills us and makes us one carries too many of our brothers who, at the turn of this visit, we will certainly have to get up. With this desire to help each other, we say: “Mother, we become one people.”

Let nothing separate us from all this that we both. Let no one come to deceive or to divide. These are the great things of God, and He wanted the. In the silence of the miracle of the wagons were built without words a miracle, a miracle that everyone, the Virgin saying it slowly goes to the heart of your children, in these pilgrimages. We came to a rest on our way, a heart break. Returning home renewed. Here we charge what it costs us alone every day. Let us carry in our hearts the joy of being around that wanted to stay to protect us. And with faith say together: “Mother help us, we become one people.”

Buenos Aires, October 3, 2004.

Card. Jorge Mario Bergoglio S.J.

Posted in 2004

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