Archbishop’s homily at the Chrism Mass

Dear friends:

“Today is fulfilled this scripture passage you have just heard.”

I’m impressed with the “today” of Jesus, so that today only one in which the patient and millennial hopes of Israel concentrates on the anointed to expand again in the time of charity and of the Gospel of the Church.

We have been asking the Lord for the grace to care as the fragility of our people, and last year we asked to go out to our people with apostolic courage. I would like to dwell a moment to feel that fragility and boldness that are embedded in the “day of Jesus”. That “today” of Jesus is “kairos” time of grace, power and light living water that flows from the eternal Word made flesh, meat with history, culture, time.

The Church lives in Jesus today, and this Chrism Mass, Easter prelude, that brings us together as one body in space holy priesthood of our Cathedral, is the fullest expression of Jesus today, now that perennial of the Last Supper, source of forgiveness, fellowship and service. He is with us announcing his Word, freeing us from our slavery, vendándonos the brokenhearted … Only in Jesus today is well maintained the fragility of our faithful people. Only in Jesus today is effective apostolic daring and fruits.

Outside of that today, outside the time of the Kingdom, probation, good ads, freedom and mercy-the past, the time of politics, the economy time, time technology, tend to become at times we eat, we exclude, oppress us. When human times and tune lose tension over time become strange God: repetitive, parallel, infinitely too short or long. Times become whose terms are not human: the timing of the economy do not consider hunger or lack of school children, or the elderly afflicted situation, the time the technology is so instant and loaded images not ripened the hearts and minds of young people, the time of politics sometimes seems to be circular: like a carousel where they drew the ring always the same. Instead of Jesus today, which at first glance may seem boring and unexciting, is a time in which they hide all the treasures of wisdom and love, a time rich in love, rich in faith, rich in hope .

The day of Jesus is a time-memory, memory of family, memory village church in memory is the memory of all the saints.

The liturgy is the expression of this memory alive forever. The day of Jesus is a time full of hope for the future and sky, which we already possess the earnest, and live it up front in every consolation that the Lord gives us. The day of Jesus is a time where this is a constant call and a renewed invitation to specific charity of daily service to the poorest who gives joy to the heart. Then today we go to meet our people daily.

In Jesus’ day there is no room for fear of conflict or for uncertainty or for distress. There is no place for fear of conflict because today the Lord “love conquers fear.” There is no room for uncertainty because “the Lord is with us ‘every day’ til the end of time,” he promised and we know “in whom we have trusted.” No place for the anguish because of Jesus today is the day of the Father who “knows what we need,” and in his hands feel “each day has enough an effort.” No room for concern that the Spirit makes us say and do what is needed at the right time.

The boldness of the Lord is not limited to specific or extraordinary gestures. It is an apostolic daring shape is left, we would say, for every fragile, by the time of each fragility. And the shepherds to bring it into God’s time. This creates Jesus today’s meeting space and mark its moments. To reach out to the fragility of our people, we come before us at the time of the Lord. In our prayer, first, have to strengthen the heart to feel they are living the fulfillment of the promises. So yes, we can go boldly, trusting in providence, really open to others, without the blinders of our own interests but the interests of eager Lord.

But also a way to enter the Lord’s time is to come out of ourselves and into the time of our faithful people. Our faithful people live this day of Jesus much more than that sometimes some believe. And it helps a lot to spiritual zeal and confidence in God, who as pastors, let us mold the mind among the weaknesses of our people and the way they carry them. Letting the heart shape is able to read, for example, simple and insistent claims of our people, the testimony of faith able to concentrate all his experience of the love that God has for them through the simple gesture of a blessing (how cute know how to thank our faithful blessing!). Letting the heart shape is to read in long time having our people, between confession and confession, for example, a pilgrim lifestyle, long breath, marked by large parties …, to read, say, a hope that keeps unbroken the thread of God’s love over a year, you do not dent the vagaries of life. Is that at the heart of our people are always current announcement that Angel “Fear not, for I announce a great joy which shall be to all the people: to you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord “(Lk 2, 10). That Jesus is born today in the midst of his people is today the Father says, “You are my son, today I have begotten you” (cf. Heb 5: 1-6).

Let us, then, in today savior Jesus tells us: “This day is fulfilled this scripture passage you have just heard.” Let the faithful of our people today. Feeling united to Jesus, the Good Shepherd, go out to meet our people. To keep him, with Jesus, hope, with the good news of the gospel of every day. To keep him, with Jesus, charity, freeing captives and oppressed. To keep him, with Jesus, faith, restoring sight to the blind.

We asked San Jose, because this year we introduced her party at Easter, we do get active and contemplative in today’s adopted son Jesus that helped raise. San Jose had the grace to come the first this day of Jesus and Mary had entered, and see how the child grew in stature, wisdom and grace. San Jose know to care courageously those weaknesses-that of Mary, the Child-that ultimately strengthen itself. May he grant us this grace.

Buenos Aires, March 24, 2005.

Card. Jorge Mario Bergoglio S.J.

Posted in 2005

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