Archbishop’s homily at the Shrine of San Cayetano

Dear brothers, dear friends and faithful of San Cayetano:

I want to greet you all with these words of St. Paul who are the best that we can hope as Christians: I wish that everyone, everyone, “with each other the same sentiments as Christ Jesus.” All feelings of Jesus revolve around a single feeling, more background: “There is no greater love than to give his life for his friends.” “You are my friends,” says Jesus. And I have no desire other than to give his life for each of you. I hope you feel the same: to everybody that sits with me and with their friends, with their children, and elders, with his family. Hopefully as people receive this grace feel like giving their lives for our brothers with whom we live in our beloved Argentina.

The theme this year reads: “With San Cayetano claim the bread that nourishes and work dignified.” Claim the bread that feeds is a way of wanting to give life: bread claim to give life because you need to have a bread to share. Jesus himself before giving his life on the Cross wanted to get together with friends around the table, wanted a bread in your hands to break it and distribute it to crack and split. Claiming that dignifies work is a way of wanting to give life: work claim it is the manner worthy of spent creatively by others. You can not give life without sharing the bread and without work. But neither is real life that does not happen every day. So our people not to expect everything to feel the claim, but the claim involves share every day the little bread that is supportive and invent a thousand ways to work for the community. While demand justice come here to pray to the Lord of life and ask Him bread and work, through the intercession of San Cayetano.

“Bear with each other the same sentiments as Christ Jesus.”. We do well to remember how in the worst moment of his life, in the night of betrayal and abandonment, Jesus had the noblest sense. We were taking everything and He turned himself in Pan for his people. Spoliation transformed into a gift. “No one takes my life, but I lay it down.” This quiet example of Jesus, who takes upon himself the cross and takes sin, even of those who kill, containing an invitation. And there are people who accept this invitation, entire villages that rise from its ruins and with quiet dignity put to work and transform a situation of prostration and violence in a time of gift.

People who are given the job and if the salary is not enough barter their goods with joy. People who give solidarity and if you leave the bread reaches as necessary. People who are given to prayer and put their hope in the God of life. People who are able to do this “tail” is the row of San Cayetano: a short tail that some streets peacefully, not to obstruct anyone but to show the only real door open-close door that opens a gap intimacy of the Holy God in which we are all brothers, “tail” bridge because it tends hands Jesus Christ the true bridge between people of good will and our Father in Heaven.

This manifestation of the true faith our people have always been doing. The claim of the bread and allow us to work that life is not a matter of joints or just hard times. So this way, this event, this “row” with which so many years our people stopped their daily paths and claims, along with San Cayetano, together with the Virgin, the attention of the Lord and the brothers have to spread all gears, all forms, all rows that are done in our country. To spread this grace is that we ask the Father to have the same attitude that Jesus had.

We rescue these deep values ​​that we received as a people and in these difficult times, witness of hope, of solidarity, of peaceful and insistent claim, with hunger and thirst for righteousness. As I have been saying, year after year, in the same Mass: We rescue that hope enclosing the humble gesture “to line up and walk,” get in line like the grains of the holy spigot – remember? -To walk without trampling anyone, no slip, no disappointment. We want to recover the value of inclusion that has our beloved sanctuary whose doors are open to all without excluding anyone and should be image of our homes and our institutions. We rescue the strength of our faithful people who know “put your shoulder” and carrying the cross by helping others. We want to rescue this solidarity, the spirit of our people have Samaritan faithful and that leads him to “not to miss” to pain and to injustice, this desire to come as Jesus to all who suffer to lend a hand. We want to rescue the grace of that “bliss of Jesus to those who mourn” because they are hungry and thirsty for justice, and receive from his hands the comfort we need.

So all together we will call upon the Lord, along with San Cayetano, praying the prayer so cute that was composed for the ninth:

We need to see your face
Save the words of your mouth
Talk ear
Let us look for your eyes
And to kiss you, Christ, find in you the traits of your mother,
From your saints, your people suffered.
We want to see your face
God friend

Buenos Aires, August 7, 2002.

Card. Jorge Mario Bergoglio, SJ

Posted in 2002

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