Archbishop’s homily at the Shrine of San Cayetano


The Gospel gives us a very small event, something that happened in two seconds, and it was so fast and was so secretly, that no one knew. The only thing he realized was Jesus. He valued it and so I pointed out to the disciples. And from there it became a big gesture, in a lesson for all. Amid all the people who gave alms, Jesus noticed a poor woman who had lost her husband and took care of his family alone. This woman put her two mites that had to eat that day on the bank of the Temple. Two coins that did not make noise as large silver coins, but its tinkling sounded like a prayer in the Heart of Jesus.

Some people do not understand these gestures free. Look at those who come to San Cayetano and do not understand and say if they do not work, why waste time queuing here. They come to ask for bread and instead of buying it with the few coins you have, make an offering, give alms! There are things that if one looks at the heart of the people, as Jesus does, not understood or misunderstood. Love and faith that this good woman put your offering in the bank for the poor, only Jesus knew it. She trusted and played whole put all their hope in God’s hands. Their logic was: if I’m wrong, I’ll help another who is worse than me and with this gesture I will pray to the Lord to remember me and bless my children. And the Lord, which is fishing for these small details that have those who love much, and saw her gesture was recorded in the living word of the Gospel as the template for all those little things that fill us with hope. Occasionally they come news in the paper, the other day a very humble mom returned a sum of money found in his little monkey. They are gestures in newspapers last a day, but in the heart of Jesus’ gestures with hands that give hope to those hands that return with honor, are recorded forever.

The theme this year is: “Do not lose heart, from the hand of San Cayetano find the way to start over.” Look, we do not lose heart speaks of hope and concentrated mainly in the hands of San Cayetano. If you want to know if anyone has or is discouraged hope has to look at his hands.

Let’s look at today’s hands. San Cayetano hands with the Child Jesus and the pin. And also look at our hands, a tightening two coins for charity and the other with whom cherish the image, putting there the fragility of our family, our own frailty, our prayers and our thanks, all our hopes, wet with tears … So many things go into these fragile caring hands that break bread, taking grace and give of what they have!: in these hands is the secret to start over, to take again the road without being discouraged, filled a hope which never disappoints.

From the hand of the Child Jesus hand we hold strong in our family. Especially in these times when it attacks both the family and wants to destroy so many different ways. So tight and warm, the child’s hand strength becomes our weakness. Led by San Cayetano want to grab the hand of all Argentines, especially those who have no hope, for so, in all, the gift of bread and the gift of work. God our Father gives these gifts to those who want to include everyone. And if He gives to us all, without exception, no one can deny the. They are an inalienable right. The bread and work together and share received make our dignity as individuals and as a nation. It may cost more or less struggle to recover all. Sometimes you have to claim them, sometimes order them, and share them … But always with the awareness that is not charity, it’s justice.

With the hand that grace we want to recognize that everything Don and all justice comes first in the hands of God rather than of any man, rather than hard or soft hand of any government, rather than the “invisible hand” of any economic system.

And when we pay two pennies with the other hand, we can testify that we are free and sovereign because we own to give, that our poverty and weakness, and then we ask first.

Give us your hand, Child Jesus, as our children give us, they trust us. We want to recover the courage to look ahead and give everything for them. They are the hope of our people and we do not want to disappoint.

Give us your hand, San Cayetano!, That hand loaded with the pin, and the hope of bread and work each day lift our arms down. We want to be a people who work as our elders worked this memory and clear all delusion earn bread without the sweat of our brow.

Give us your hand, Father of Heaven!, That taking grace of Holy Father feel your providence, you know well what we need, you trust our family, the family in Argentina. We want to be a people who care know his weakness. Let nobody say that abandon us, Lord. For the honor of your name!

Give us your hand, Virgin, our Mother!. In your hands is our hope. You are the tells us: “Do whatever Jesus tells you.” That in your native language, this recommendation tender and demanding we strengthen our hands, we are agile and industrious back to work and we are filled with the joy of charity laborious. You are the strong women of our country every day putting those two missing coins in the piggy bank of each family, so that nobody is deprived of the bread.

Give us your hand Lord, through thy saints … And from the hand of San Cayetano and not lose heart! They will find a way to start over.

Buenos Aires, August 7, 2003.

Card. Jorge Mario Bergoglio S.J.

Posted in 2003

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