Catechists Letter (August 2002)


“Worship the Lord your God, and him only worship them”
Matthew 4.10
“Perhaps as few times in our history, this society malherida awaits a new coming of the Lord. Wait healing and reconciling the entrance of the One who is the Way, Truth and Life. We have reason to expect. Forget not your step and his saving presence have been a constant in our history. discovered the wonderful imprint of his nature in a creative work of incomparable richness. Divine Generosity has also been reflected in the testimony of life, dedication and sacrifice of our fathers and forefathers, just as in million faces and humble believers, our brothers, movers and shakers of the work and the heroic struggles, the silent epic incarnation of the Spirit who founded towns.
However, we live far from both deserve the gratitude gift received. What obscures this coming of the Lord? What makes it impossible to “taste and see the goodness of the Lord” (Ps. 34.9) to as freely on earth and men? What work opportunities to build on our Nation, the full encounter between the Lord, their gifts, and we? As in Jerusalem then, when Jesus crossed the city and the man named Zacchaeus could not see it from such a multitude, something prevents us see and feel their presence. ”

With these words began the Te Deum homily last May 25. And I would like to serve as an introduction to this letter with grateful affection do you get in the middle of your silent but important task of building the church.

I do not exaggerate in saying that we are in a time of “spiritual myopia and moral shallowness” makes we want to impose as normal a ‘culture of the low “, which seems to be no place for transcendence and hope.

But to be sure catechist, wisdom gives you weekly treatment with people, that still beats in man a desire and need for God. Given the pride and arrogance of the new invasive Goliath, that from some media and government offices not less, reactualize ideologisms prejudices and autistic, is necessary now more than ever the quiet confidence of David from the plain to defend the inheritance. So what would you insistirte in writing a year ago: “Today more than ever, you can discover behind many demands of our people, a search of the Absolute that, at times, takes the form of painful cry of outraged humanity “We want to see Jesus” (John 12:21). faces are many, with most telling silence a thousand words, we made this request. know them well: they are among us, are part of the people faithful that God entrusts to us. faces of children, youth, adults … Some of them are pure gaze “beloved disciple” others, looking down from prodigal. missing No faces marked by pain and hopelessness. But all hope, look, wish to see Jesus. And why need of believers, especially the catechists who not only ‘talk’ of Christ but, in a way, that they do ‘see’ …. Hence, our witness would be hopelessly inadequate if we were not first contemplated his face “(NMI 16).

Therefore, I propose that we encourage you to let us this year to deepen the theme of worship.

Today more than ever it is necessary “to worship in spirit and truth” (Jn 4, 24). It is an essential task of the catechist who wants to put down roots in God, who desires not falter amid the commotion.
Today more than ever it is necessary to enable worship projimidad claiming these times of crisis. Only in the contemplation of the mystery of love that overcomes distance and closeness is, find the strength to not be tempted to follow along, without stopping on the way.
Today more than ever it is necessary to teach our catechized worship, for our truly Initiation Catechesis and not just teaching.
Today more than ever it is necessary to not apabullarnos worship with words that sometimes hide the mystery, but give us the awed silence that silences before the Word that makes presence and closeness.

Today more than ever it is necessary to worship!

Because worship is prostrate, from humility to recognize the infinite greatness of God. Only true humility can recognize true greatness, and also acknowledges that aims to present as little big. Perhaps one of the greatest perversions of our time is that we worship the human proposes setting aside the divine. “Only the Lord worship” is the great challenge to many proposals of nothing and emptiness. No contemporary worship idols-with its siren song, is the great challenge of our present, not worship what adorable is not a great sign of the times today. Idols do not deserve death causing some worship only the God of life deserves “praise and glory” (cf. DP 491)

Worship is to look with confidence to the One who appears as reliable because it is life-giving force for peace, solidarity meeting and generator.

Worship is standing before everything not adorable, because worship makes us free and makes us vibrant people.

Worship is not empty but full, is to recognize and commune with Love Nobody loves who does not love anyone who loves considered not his love. Loved us! We loved!, “God is love.” This certainty is what leads us to worship with our whole heart to him who “first loved us” (I Jn 4:10).

Worship is finding his tenderness, is find comfort and rest in his presence is to experience what Psalm 22: “While crossing dark ravines, I will fear no evil, for you are with me … Surely goodness and grace accompanying me Throughout my life. ”

Worship is joyful witness his victory, is not succumb to the Apocalypse and foretaste of the feast of the meeting with the Lamb, the only one worthy of worship, who will wipe away all our tears and who celebrate the triumph of life and Love, death and helplessness (cf. Rev. 21-22).

Worship is closer to unity, is discover children of the same Father, members of a single family, is as discovered San Francisco: sing the praises attached to all creation and all mankind. You bind the broken we with our land, with our brothers, we recognize Him as Lord of all things, good Father worldwide.

Worship is “God”, and that “life”. Meet face to face in our daily lives with the God of life, life is to worship and witness. You know we have a faithful God who has been with us and trust us.

Worship is AMEN!

To greet the day of the catechist, I again thank you for all your dedication to the service of the faithful. And ask Mary to keep alive in your heart that God’s thirst for you like the Samaritan of the Gospel “worship in spirit and truth” and “do that many come to Jesus” (Jn 4, 39).

Do not forget to pray for me to be a good catechist. May Jesus bless you and take care of you the Holy Virgin.

Buenos Aires, August 2002.

Card. Jorge Mario Bergoglio, sj.

Archbishop of Buenos Aires

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