Chrism Mass


Today’s readings speak of hope. The hope that God takes care of our fragility.
Isaiah expresses the hope of the people in the hope that the Messiah comes to take care of the fragility of the poor, discouraged by so much bad news, wounded in his heart rather than their members, living as prisoners of the interests of the powerful. He announces that when the Messiah comes, will transform the desolate village in a priestly people, comforting them with the good news announcers will make good news for other peoples. Bandaging their wounded hearts and freeing them from slavery all the ministers will make reconciliation and freedom. Changing his clothes in mourning for the oil of joy will all recognize as race blessed by the Lord.

Jesus, in the passage from Luke, concentrates itself and endorses this hope. The event becomes current. He is a constant source of this priestly grace, always available to the trust that encourages their hands their fragility, for he believes in the “today” of Jesus fulfilled Scripture and all human longing. So on this day, as priests, we want to priestly hands of the Lord, as a holy offering, our own frailty, the frailty of our people, the fragility of humanity, their disappointments, their wounds, their mourning-for that offered by him to become Eucharist, food that strengthens our hope and faith becomes active in our charity.
Any offering and any dialogue between God and men have in Jesus Priest that cheerful and a nice simple connecting Eucharist, in the tenderness of bread, worship with life.
What does it mean for us, priests and priestly people that Jesus is a priest forever, mediator between God and men? It means that tone of humble and joyful who does not want the glory for himself but his glory is to mediate for the good of his people is for the glory of the Father. It means that we who partake of the priesthood, we must have our joy in being the most humble and humiliated this mediation server is done in Jesus. It means that the whole Church should be as humble and peaceful, so tender and united as one people priestly mediation can be place between God and men who do not know this grace and try the most varied mediations. So I invite you, dear Brothers in the one priesthood of Jesus our Lord, to ask this grace together, for each other and to the whole Church: to understand the richness of hope to which we are called: be mediators with Jesus and Jesus, between God and men. Mediators offered, along with the whole people of God, his own fragility.

Humble us so it easy for our God and our brothers communicate through us. May our Heavenly Father feels like feel of his beloved Son, that through us can get his blessing and his word to the little ones of their children. People feel like feel of Jesus and the Virgin, through our Lord can offer their sacrifices everyday, those who weave their working life and family, and express to God that you love, that you need and that adores and praises of heart. I ask you to take care of our priesthood watching this offering.

We know that taking care unit cares mediaciones.Y Hope is the mediator par excellence when attentive to small details that gives that mysterious exchange of fragility for mercy. When there are good mediators, those who care for the details, does not break the unit. Jesus took care of the details.
The “little detail” of a sheep missing.
The “small detail” that the wine was running out.
The “little detail” of the widow who gave her two mites.
The “little details” that did not spare a small debt after debt forgiven in large.
The “little thing” to have spare oil lamps if it takes the groom.
The “little detail” of going to notice many loaves have.
The “little thing” to have a little fire and a fish prepared on the grill while the disciples waited for dawn.
The “little thing” to ask Peter, among many important things coming, if you really want as a friend.
The “little detail” of not having wanted to heal the wounds.
They are the priestly ways Jesus has to care that brings hope to the unit.
The hope that none are missing. The hope that joy does not end, but is overflowing and new. The hope that God sees very pleased our most hidden acts of love. Hope that forgiveness is contagious. The hope that guarding one little light brightness makes the big party. The hope that the scope bread for all. The hope that He is always on the other side.

The hope that, after all, what matters most to God is to be his friends.
The hope that much pain not to be forgotten, but one by one to kiss his wounds God to get to heaven and they are the mark of a humble and grateful Gloria.

We asked the Virgin Mother of priests, priestly people mother, who cares for us their children the fragility of our hope, reminding us what was advertised through it: there’s nothing impossible for God.

Buenos Aires, April 17, 2003

Jorge Mario Bergoglio S.J.
Archbishop of Buenos Air

Posted in 2003

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