Corpus Christi

On the feast of Corpus we remember all the Easter season, which focuses on the Feast of the Flesh and Blood of the Lord. The Lord’s flesh is our flesh resurrected and taken to the top of the sky. A great believer said “Heaven is the sacred intimacy of a holy God.” Well, on the feast of Corpus celebrate the physical place where the sacred intimacy of a holy God and we are open every day offers us: the Eucharist.

In these difficult times for our country in which moral turpitude seems to flatten everything, we do well to look up the Eucharist and remember what is the hope to which we are called. We are invited to live in communion with Jesus: “He who eats my flesh and drinks my blood abides in me and I in him.” The Lord commanded us when he said, at the Last Supper: “Do this in remembrance of me.”

With the words of Moses to hear in the first reading, we remember: Looking back remembering all that the Lord did for us. In this square should be promised land as a symbolic space of the nation, and sometimes becomes battlefield and wilderness rather, the words of Moses to the people ringing in our ears with dramatic realism. “Remember all the way which the Lord your God has led you these forty years in the wilderness, to humble you and test you and know what was in your heart.”

Moses interprets the history of his people, those forty years of apparent failure, from the perspective of salvation of the Lord. No lost decades in the eyes of God.

There in the desert, at the precise moment when the people can not find anything except their limits, the Lord gives a special food: the manna, figure and advancement of the Eucharist. That muffin from heaven has its particular characteristics: only last for the day, you have to share it with others, that no longer serves any extra, each board only what you need for your family. Manna teaches people to live “the day our daily bread.”

In the Gospel, Jesus tells us that He is the manna, He is the “bread from heaven”. He is the bread of life, a life forever: “My flesh is true food”. Many disciples left him that day, for these words are sounded harsh. They wanted something more concrete, a better explanation of how to live with what Jesus tells us, with what Jesus gives us. But Peter and the apostles were played by the Lord: “To whom shall we go. You have the words of eternal life.” Also we as a people, we are in a similar situation: a wilderness situation, a situation that demands decisions in which our lives are. Opposite the living bread, as God’s faithful people, let the Lord says: My people, remember how you bread feeds our Heavenly Father and how are breads ilusionaste false with you and led you to this situation.

Remember that the Bread of Heaven is a living bread, that speaks of planting and harvesting, because bread is a life that has to die to feed. Remember that the Bread of Heaven is a food for the day because your future is in the hands of the good father and not just for men. Remember that the Bread of Heaven is a solidarity that does not serve bread to be captured but to be shared and celebrated with family. Remember that the Bread of Heaven Bread of Life is eternal and perishable bread. Remember that the Bread of Heaven part to open the eyes of faith and be not faithless. Remember that the Bread of Heaven Jesus makes you mate and you sit at the table of the Father is not excluded any of your brothers. Remember that the Bread of Heaven makes you live in intimacy with your God and your brothers brotherly. Remember that the Bread of Heaven, that we could eat, broke in and partitioned Cross generously for salvation of all. Remember that the Bread of Heaven multiplies when you take care of spreading it. Remember that the Bread of Heaven, bless you, I part with his hands blistered by what you love and serve the Risen Lord himself. Remember! Remember! Never forget that!

This memory around bread opens to the Spirit strengthens us, gives us hope. Let this sit unwavering hope one day a heavenly banquet table sit us from wanting to feast and proud enough, those who do not leave crumbs to feed the poor. That living in private sacred holy God forbid the fratricidal internal policies rend our country. That satisfied with the humble daily bread we mend the financial ambition. That everyday work for the bread that gives eternal life’s dream we wake vain of wealth and fame. They shared the taste of bread shake us murmuring and complaining tone of the media. That the Eucharist celebrated with love defend us from all spiritual worldliness.

We ask this through Our Lady of memory. Our Lady is the model of Christian and ecclesial soul “keeps all these things and pondered them in her heart”. She always reminds us please where is the bread that gives life and wine to gladden our hearts. That does not stop with his mother’s voice say, “Do whatever Jesus tells you.” That engrave in our hearts the words of his son: “Do this in remembrance of me.”

Buenos Aires June 1, 2002

Card. Jorge Mario Bergoglio, SJ

Posted in 2002

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