Easter Vigil

The Gospel tells us the way of these women to the tomb. They knew that Jesus was dead and walked on the certainty of this fact.

The unexpected occurs, the stone rolled away, the angel said to them, Fear not, has risen. The fact is transformed into event, an event that will change the meaning of life. We changed all the sense of history. Go to Galilee, and there you will see, he says. They go back on the road and find Jesus and He also gives the same slogan: fear not, tell my brothers to go to Galilee, and there shall they see me.

It seems that everything has changed direction. Instead of going to the tomb, they retrace their steps back to Galilee from the first encounter with Jesus, Galilee of the first admiration, amazement that made them say, “We have found the Messiah”. It had been a while since that time. The wearing time. The memory of that first meeting was as lost. Walking through history always run the risk of losing their memory and points the way: return to the memory of the first encounter, back to the memory of first love.

The event of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ invites all of us to retrace our steps to the first call, the first encounter, for behold, now with the hope that given the certainty of victory, the certainty of winning. Back to that first encounter, relive what it was like, but with the conviction that the journey was not in vain. It was a way to cross, but of victory.

And tonight I can not stop thinking of our people today, sadly, is facing a sealed stone, which speaks of death, of corruption, of defeat. On this night also reminds us that not everything is finished, that there is hope, death, corruption and failure, do not promise anything. And tonight we are told of hope, promise, and we are invited, what? : To retrace our steps, to reconnect with the way we as a nation forged.

Today calls for each of us, in the light of the Christ event look our history, we meet again with her. Today we are asked to ask for forgiveness. We are asked to repair, we are asked to work in hope for the resurrection of Christ a reality in each of our lives, in our country all. Retracing our steps!

And when I speak of course, of road traveled, I can not mention those who walked more in the way of life: To My Dear elderly wisdom of our people. To them I say: Do not be afraid. We know they are suffering a lot. We know that selfishness, greed, theft and corruption have taken away their rights and put them to the limit of his strength. But we also know that you can help us retrace our steps as a nation, to recover what you sow. To you we say a special way: Christ is risen. There is our hope. Tómennos hand and help us return to the Galilee of first love.

On this night, a fact that becomes event, let the force that has the resurrection of Jesus Christ, who is able to change things from within, to change the heart. Change our country. That is our hope. Do not put in promises that ultimately, many of them are idols. How many things have we heard that we were promised ..! How many things ..! Do not be fooled. Not here the Lord in those promises.

He is risen. Turn your steps, go to the Galilee of first love. As people get back on our heels holding hands of our seniors, who are our wisdom and there you can meet again and be reborn as a nation. And this I pray in a special way to her who never lost faith, never forget your first love, you did not need to turn back because his path was always alive in his heart. May Mary protect us in this way back to what we were founded. So be it.

Buenos Aires, March 30, 2002.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio, SJ

Posted in 2002

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