Easter Vigil

Easter Vigil

Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James and Salome, at dawn, they hit the road. On this night we too have walked, following the People of God to walk the trails of the election, the promise and the covenant. The way these women is inserted in this long journey of centuries … and ours. Because being elected and be carriers of the alliance involves always get going. The covenant God made with his people and each of us is just to walk into a promise, to a meeting. This road is life.
In contrast there is the stone. Stationary and sealed by the conspiracy of the corrupt, a real obstacle to the meeting. These women walked vacillating between illusion and latches; went to the tomb to fulfill a work of mercy, but the threat of stone made them hesitate. The moving love but paralyzing doubt. Also like them we feel the urge to walk, the desire to do great works. We promise within the heart and the certainty of God’s faithfulness, but doubt is stone seals are corruption ties, and often yield to the temptation to stay paralyzed, hopeless.

Paralysis us sick soul, robs us of memory and takes away the joy. It makes us forget that we were elected, we are bearers of promises, which are marked by a divine covenant. Paralysis deprives us of the surprise of the meeting, to us from our “good news”. And now we need to hear this good news: “Not here. Has risen.” We need that encounter that shatters the stones, broken seals and opens a new path, that of hope.

The world needs this encounter, this world “has become a cemetery.” Our country needs. Need raising ad, hope that drives walking, gestures of mercy, like these women who went to anoint. We need our fragility is anointed by hope, and hope that we move to anoint and proclaim the solidarity the fragility of our brothers.

The worst thing that can happen is that we opt for the stone and corruption of the seals, discouragement, for us to be chosen without feeling remained quiet, no promise, no alliance. The worst thing that can happen is that our heart is closed to stupor Post quickening which impels us to keep walking.

This is the night of the announcement: gritémoslo with our whole being: Jesus Christ, our hope, is risen! Proclaim that is stronger than the heaviness of the stone and security offered temporary corruption of the seals. Mary enjoyed tonight because of the presence of his Son. A care entrust our desire to walk driven stupor encounter with the Risen Christ.
Buenos Aires, April 19, 2003

Jorge Mario Bergoglio S.J.
Archbishop of Buenos Aires

Posted in 2003

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