Easter Vigil

The journey of the people of God stops tonight against a tomb, an empty tomb. The body of Jesus, the Son of promise, was not there, only the sheets were wrapped him. The march of a whole nation stops today as he had done once before the rock in the wilderness (Ex. 17:6) or Seaside night of Passover, when the Israelites “panicked and called loudly to Lord “(Ex. 14:10) and Moses rebuked furious,” there were no graves in Egypt that we trajeras to die in the desert? ” (Ex. 14:11). Tonight is not panic but bewilderment (Luke 24:4) and fear (v. 5) of these women to the incomprehensible, the Son of the promise was not there. When they come back and tell all the apostles (v.10) “They found delirious and did not believe them” (v.11). Confusion, fear and appearance of delirium: feelings that are a grave and stops there for centuries progress of an entire people. The disorienting bewilderment, fear paralyzes, the appearance of delirium suggests fantasies.

Women “do not dare to look up from the ground” (v.5). Confusion and fear that closed down all eyes to heaven, bewilderment and fear no horizon, twisting hope. Surprised react against the reproach: “Why are you looking among the dead alive”? (V.5) but even more surprised with the prophetic word “Remember” (v.6) .. and “women recalled” (v.8) and was reflected in his heart then what happened was: the dawn of day pop darkness of doubt, fear and confusion … and run and announce what they heard: “He is not here, he is risen” (v.6)

The memory of relocates in reality. Recovered memory and consciousness of being the chosen people, remember the promises, reaffirmed in the alliance and are newly elected. So that is born in the heart strong momentum, which is the Holy Spirit, to evangelize, to announce the big news. The whole history of salvation becomes to get going. Repeats the miracle of that night in the Red Sea. “… And the Lord said to Moses, Why callest me with those cries? Tell the Israelites to resume the march” (Ex. 14:15). And the people kept going with the run of the women who had remembered the Lord’s promises.

Everyone has it ever happened as individuals and as a people, find detained on the road, not knowing what steps to take. At such times it seems that life’s borders are closed, we doubt the promises and crass positivism stands as a key to the situation. Then our consciousness dominates in confusion and fear, the reality is imposed Closed, no hope and we look forward to retrace our steps to the same slavery from which we come and we even blame the Lord put us on track to freedom: “Now what you said when we were in Egypt: Leave us alone! want to serve the Egyptians, because it is better to serve them to die in the wilderness” (Ex. 14:12) In these situations, as the banks Red Sea opposite the tomb or the answer comes: “Fear not” (Ex. 14:13), “Remember” (Luke 24:6).

Remember the promise but, above all, remember the history. Remember the marvels the Lord has done throughout life. “Pay attention and be careful not to forget the things you’ve seen with your own eyes, or let them slip from your heart for a moment” (Deut. 4:9), and when you’re happy “do not forget the Lord who made you out of Egypt, that place of slavery “(Deut. 6, 12);” Remember the long way that the Lord your God, I did go through the desert for forty years … the clothes they were wearing no spent, nor your feet swell … ” (Deut. 8:2,4). “Do not forget the Lord who brought you out of Egypt, that place of slavery” (Deut. 6:12), “remember the early days” (Heb. 10:32), “Jesus Christ, who rose from the dead “(2 Tim. 2: 8). This encourages us the Word of God to continually reread our salvation history in order to move forward. The memory of the road traveled by the grace of God is the foundation of hope and strength to continue walking. Do not let the memory of our salvation atrophy by confusion and fear that we may ensue before any grave intending to take over our hope. Let always rise to the word of the Lord, as the women at the tomb: “Remember”. In times of greatest darkness and paralysis urges Deuteronomic recover this dimension of existence.

In this holy night I would ask the Blessed Virgin for us the grace of the memory of all the wonderful things the Lord has done in our lives, and we shake that memory, drives us to keep walking in our Christian life, in the notice of not to seek among the dead is alive, in the announcement that Jesus, the Son of the promise, is the Passover Lamb and resurrected. May she teach us to say calmly, with the assurance of one who knows he led throughout life, which she surely was repeated this morning while waiting for her son: “I know that my Redeemer lives” (Job 19:25).

Buenos Aires, April 10, 2004.
Jorge Mario Bergoglio S.J.

Posted in 2004

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