Feast of San Cayetano

Feast of San Cayetano

The Word of God tells us the way today. The path of disillusionment and the path of hope. Elijah, pursued by King Ahab and Queen Jezebel, taking the path of flight and death wish: “Enough Lord. Take my life! I am not better than my fathers. ” The disciples of Emmaus, saddened by the death of Jesus, let the community held together in distress waiting for the Lord and go home: “We had hoped …” tell the Unknown accompanying the road “But it’s been three days since the death of Jesus …”, as saying: “nothing else is happening here. We’re leaving. ”

However, the Lord is present in these paths of disappointment and comfort the discouraged. The angel tells Elijah, “Arise and eat. Because you is a long road yet, “Jesus came to the disciples of Emmaus, and as the traveling companion is comforting. The “challenges” of Jesus are full of love and understanding that reacted: “Did not our hearts burn within us the scriptures while on the road?”.

But the key to strengthening these disillusioned people is in the bread. The Lord fed with the bread of the walkers. That is Viaticum bread, bread for the journey, bread forces and renewed hope. Bread that reinserted, strengthened, its mission and the community. He got up, ate and drank, and the strength of that food forty days and forty nights to the mountain of God, where the Lord appeared to him as a gentle breeze. The disciples of Emmaus, when the traveling companion entertained without knowing that it was Jesus, they recognized him when he broke the bread and, having eaten, is “out immediately and returned to Jerusalem, and found gathered together the eleven and those who were apostles with them. ”

Also to us who come to San Cayetano the Lord wants to give us, in the hands of the Holy, this bread that strengthens for work and for the community. We come, as always, with hope, but that hope sometimes wants to defect the way among men, like the final break, that occurs only in God. “Take my life, Lord. I am not better than my fathers. ” This familiar phrase resonates in our hearts. Sometimes we feel that we have only our God on this earth and that we can not do anything. There is so much injustice, poverty, violence … And yet the Lord gives us a bread that puts us back on track with renewed vigor and sends us back to work, to family, to country: you have much to go. There is so much to do!. And with the Lord as food not afraid of anything. No discouragement or hindrance that this bread does not turn into life and desire to fight and walk.

Elijah ate this bread alone. In the solitude of the prophet. Young Disciples of Emmaus eaten in pairs, as friends who, together, make their way back to hope. We can eat together, as a Church, as the People of God. And the strength of this bread is increased with our union and fellowship.

There is a festive bread is a bread that is the result and reward of labor, shared joy of the table. But bread is bread that is eaten also the way to work and gives strength to the arduous task. This is the bread that come up today: the bread that strengthens. The bread of energies. The bread that makes you want to work and fight. The bread that is shared with co journey. That muffin you eat in the middle of work and helps to pull to the end of the day. This is the bread that we want to bequeath to our children, because they are our hope, the bread of the work that restore dignity and pull forward!

This bread gives us a nice image of the Eucharist: the Viaticum, which means waybread. It’s like the sandwich that is carried in the bag as a token of the love of family, the warmth of home is coming to our place of work, if you have, or the places we travel to find it. It is a bread that drives us to fight for the family, as if to say “come on”. This go! heart brings me the title of the last book of the Pope: “Get up! Come. ” And I want to tell especially the younger: “We trusted in Christ. He will accompany us on the way to the goal that only he knows. ” Because He is the bread Eucharist He was walking with us.

Get up and eat! Eat this bread that fills us with strength to work for our family. Get up and eat! Eat this bread that restores us back our dignity and the will to keep fighting and to fulfill our mission. Get up and eat! Eat this bread that is shared with the companion way and that makes us brothers, the people of the motherland, the people of God.

The Virgin, our Mother, who knows when we need this bread to it that in the hands of our women, always puts a small bread for the trip in the bag boys and husband in the bag, we ask that teach us to dig into our hearts with true hope, confident that we will always find the way this bread, this bread that is Jesus.

That San Cayetano, patron of bread for work, grant us, especially those who are heads of households, men and women, who, as we seek to work to bring home the bread, to give us that other muffin-simple enough – to get up and walk every day full of energy and hope for the Lord’s way. So we can leave to our children that precious heritage left to us by our parents to us: the bread that always gave them the strength to work.

Buenos Aires, August 7, 2004.

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