Homily at the National Eucharistic Congress

Homily of Card. Jorge Mario Bergoglio S.J.

in the National Eucharistic Congress

“Be reconciled to God”

In this climate so beautiful Eucharistic Congress, and on our second day, the parable of the Prodigal Son wants to speak directly to the heart.

Abramos therefore our hearts wide.

Let everyone open your heart, looking at the Virgin, feeling the presence of Jesus in the Eucharist that silently accompanied mankind for two thousand years.

Let us open our hearts to our family, each of hers, feeling the heart beat of his parents and brothers, the husbands and the youth, children and grandparents.

Let us open our hearts as faithful People of God on pilgrimage in Argentina under the cloak of the Virgin Mary of Itatí …

Let us open our hearts and reconcile with God our Father.

Let the prodigal son, who in a moment of grace realized that the deeper cause of his misery was at the heart of the section having his Father: I will arise and go to my Father!

Everyone should speak in his own heart. And must say also that dimension where the heart itself known common heart, responsible for all, solidarity with the heart of his people. From there everyone can say: people get up and prodigal returns to the Father! It’s time to stop dreaming of acorns for pigs. Nobody gives them. Thank God. Just as well. For it is time to get back to crave the children’s bread.

Are depleted, part of your heritage and the part you have wasted stolen. It’s true. But the most valuable thing you have left: the ashes of your dignity intact and the flame always your hope, you turn back every day. It looks that you inherited spiritual reserve.

Your father does not let go, every evening, to wait on the terrace … to see if you go back.

Embark on the way back, your eyes fixed on your Father, you extend the horizon to give all you can give.

In going after false gods, were making this blessed land in a foreign land. And now it seems that has shrunk your horizon, which shrank you hope.

Not so. If you lift your eyes, if you remember, if you hit the turn and become heart, you walk the same land will be transformed back into Father’s House.

This Father’s house in which live the values ​​of the humble home of Joseph and Mary in Nazareth.

Father’s House is hospice where wounds are healed of those who fell into the hands of robbers.

Father’s House where we celebrate the feast of the Son and the wedding guests are all, without exclusion of any, except for those who refuse to participate.

House of the Father, as Jesus assures us, has many mansions and in which he places himself to serve, as he did at the Last Supper.

And allow yourself to feel people and family!

And let us also say that the Father, as to another child who was upset: Enter the party with your brother! Each heart must hear this invitation, with the Father wants to convince his eldest son to forgive his brother is the way that leads to life.

All of us also something of the older son. Let the Father tells us:

It’s time to stop listening to own bitter complaint of a heart that does not value what you have, a heart which compares poorly.

It’s time that encourages you to share with your brother the children’s bread.

Stop dreaming with the kid himself, and hears these words of your Father:

Son, all I have is yours!

Dejate reconcile with God, with yourself and with your brother!

But at heart.

The Eucharist is the bread of reconciliation that ends up deep in the heart of each. And reconciles and nurtures that inner place where the person is itself and more than itself, because it is God’s dwelling place, where every heart is the heart of all her family and her entire village.

Few hearts well enough to be let fully reconcile, reconciliation to infect an entire people.

Hearts like San Roque Gonzalez de Santa Cruz, who founded this land and its cities in the culture of work and forgiveness the same enemies. Heart breached to the Lord clothed with incorruptibility!

People lavish and rebellious people who suffered at the hands of robbers, people with strong spiritual reserve: Let reconciled to God!

Our Lady of Itatí entrust this reconciliation that transforms the hearts of people and peoples. His miracles were prettier returning presence and transfiguration which attracts with its glory. As Fray Luis Gamarra said in 1624: “… there was a remarkable change in his face, and he was so cute and so beautiful had ever seen.”

These transfiguration of our Lady, which spring from pure and loving heart are predilection sign to our people. And are also announced: Mary transfigured Itatí transfigures us. It tells us the Word of God: “He who is in Christ is a new creature. Oldest gone, a new being is made present. And all this is from God, who reconciled us to himself through Christ and gave us the mystery of reconciliation. ”

Gazing upon Mary, we understand that: “If sin is estrangement and misunderstanding, reconciliation and reunion is approaching, overcoming the enmity and return to communion. Reconciled God in Christ. He is the beginning and end of a branch reconciliation, for which becomes repentant man entrusted to the loving arms of the Father. ”

She invites you, the people of the nation: Let reconciled to God!

With it please Jesus and ask, in the words of the prayer.

May your Eucharist occupies the heart of the Argentine people

and inspire their hopes and plans.


Corrientes September 2, 2004.

Card. Jorge Mario Bergoglio S.J.

Posted in 2004

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