Homily for the Mass for the first anniversary of the tragedy of Cromagnon


The Gospel speaks for itself. Family: Dad, Mom, a child brought to the temple to present it to God, and to submit it to life, as if the two were saying, “I will bring this child to present life.” Behind the gesture of having child to life, the illusions, the illusions of the father and the mother. The illusions of the heart of that mother with her child in her arms! The illusions of a mother when she has her child. The projects, looks ahead. It presents the life and dreams of the future of his son. He dreams of his own future transcended in the future of the child. So was Mary with these illusions and after seeing fulfilled this religious rite break the old man’s words: “A sword will pierce your heart.” At a sword will pierce your heart. This mother Illusions fade, change your mood and the way back is different than that which had been made to reach the temple. That mother was wondering what sword would pierce the heart and I sensed that the presentation of this child’s life was marked by tragedy. Such was Mary’s heart that day.

So Mary lived the way back to the temple and the temple. And then I was living along life when a few days later had to flee to Egypt because I persecuted because marginalized child … when they were exiled in that foreign country, when they had to return to the Galilee secretly to avoid persecution the child, when I saw that kid made man was persecuted, was slandered when she sensed her mother’s intuition betrayal and tragedy. Sensed that was paid for that child was betrayed, that was paid for that truth was hidden as it was when they were paid to the guardians of the tomb to say otherwise.

All this in the heart of the mother. That mother after suffering what he lived: the outcome of the tragedy. The heart of Mary at the foot of the cross at the time of the tragedy, at the time that marks the second part of the prophecy of the old temple. The first part “and you yourself a sword will pierce your heart” was living at the foot of the cross and it was then that he met the second part “so clearly manifest the inner thoughts of many.”

At the time of the tragedy out what is in the hearts of people and there stood by the cross about poquititos, faithful to Jesus, others hiding in fear, others watching their backs to keep positions, others trying to see how to fix Judas’ betrayal politically, others looking ahead without Jesus and surfaces so that each had at heart. That poor thief who was crucified with him out the best we had in his heart and says, “Lord, remember me.” Jesus brings out what is in the hearts of men and that a mother feels so special.

A year ago, our city was the slap of a tragedy. A year ago this path of hope for so many mothers with their children was mowed. These children are no more. This city makes next year trying to take over but, as on the cross, is ugly to be with the tragedy. It’s hard as a man or woman to take charge of a tragedy. With love. Only the hearts of you moms know, and can tell us about what a tragedy. Only the heart of you, parents, can help us in this path of fidelity to truth in tragedy.

And in this city was reaped life of 194 young children were promised, they were future, we reaped the hope that these guys will not be replaced by anyone because everyone is unique, irreplaceable. And so I would say to this city so upset about many things that look with a mother’s heart, because the city is also mother to these children who are no longer, and cry …

Dear brothers and sisters: Buenos Aires requires mourn. Buenos Aires has not cried enough. Buenos Aires working, looking, “thread”, do business, tourism is concerned, but has not cried enough this slap. Buenos Aires needs to be purified by the tears of this tragedy and many others.

Today, we are here taking us into the heart of a mother who went to the temple full of illusions and returned with the assurance that these illusions were to be mowed, cut. Entering this heart let us remember these children of the city, this city mother who recognizes them, you realize that they, like the case of Abraham in the first reading, are the children of the inheritance and the inheritance that we give these kids today no longer is a very stern warning: you are not your hearts!, he says.

Your photos here, their names, their lives symbolized in these candles we are screaming that we are not your hearts. That is the legacy that we give. They are the children of the inheritance that says, “cry”.

City distracted, dispersed city, town selfish cries. You need to be purified by tears. Today here praying together give this message to our brothers in Buenos Aires: cry together, we need to cry in Buenos Aires.

We pray at this Mass, entering the heart of our Virgin Mother took her son to the temple with a feeling and brought him back with another feeling. And cry. Mourn here. Cry out and ask the Lord to touch the hearts of each of our brothers in this city and do mourn. To purify the tears to this city as frivolous and superficial.

Meanwhile, remember the names of the children, those who are not but let’s heritage, the stark warning that we are not responsible for the multiple tragedies of the city. While we think of these guys, collect his inheritance, in the heart guardémosla cejemos not fight for them.

And pray for them, for the legacy they left us with his life and this city to not do both distracted

So be it.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio S.J.
Archbishop of Buenos Aires
Friday December 30, 2005

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