Homily of Archbishop of Buenos Aires

Homily of Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio.
Metropolitan Cathedral. Mass Education. 10/04/2002.

The presence of so many children at the beginning of the school year gives me hope. Amused me and I liked the guide expression “stubborn hope.” Where there is a guy who starts a school year, there are “stubborn hope.” Where there is a man or woman who begin their work at school, as a teacher, administrative or executive, are “stubborn hope. Where there is hope, there is joy. No grimace.

That’s the first feeling I have today. Of hope. Hope each of you here, hope you guys. Hope you are in the path of light, in the way of that work according to the truth. The way of truth. And the truth is always fighting, but also is opposed. It combative because it fought. Truth is not a thing, the truth is the accession of my heart to that which is revealed to me. That evidence is me, what gives meaning to my life. You guys and gals give hope because they want to walk in the light of truth. The Apostles, we read in the first reading, were persecuted for the truth, not ever negotiated. The lie is the daughter of darkness, but between truth and falsehood is offering the full range of market semi-truths, half-truths. The “no”, the language of “no”. Not the “yes-yes, no-no” but “neither-nor”. Where one can be accommodated according as you want, depending on how you best. And that is the language of darkness.

But darkness is not always dark. There are shadows that are disguised as light, whether they know guys. They told us the story of when the Indians sold colored glass gems were telling them. My grandmother said “chafalonería”. Today is also filled with stained glass vendors, and they say this is the truth, this is the truth: it’s easy, yours, the one you like. But the road to truth is hard, whether they know. The apostles cost them persecution and imprisonment, … is hard.

This is what I want to say to start classes this feeling of “stubborn hope.” Where is the truth is the light, but do not confuse with the “flash”. Where is the truth no joy from within, not circus. It is very easy to put together a circus to laugh a bit, and then it’s the sequel to the face. Defend the truth, seek the truth, let yourself be possessed by the truth that is the hard way and what will give meaning to life and what’s going to plenificar with joy and happiness! Knowing that the truth is not traded, is not easy.

And to you the most, those who are working in the way of truly helping them grow in truth the little ones, there is also talk of hard. Because it’s very hard, in the world of easy, believe the truth.

When a civilization loses the north, the compass goes crazy and starts spinning. Make any direction, anything goes. But in this crazy compass there are two signs that are key. Two signs of deep existential disorientation. In a civilization which relativizes truth, always-and this is constantly experimenting with the kids and the elderly. And our civilization experiences with kids and the elderly.

Open your eyes, do not come into that game. The true north, northern light, not the “flash” that dazzles and then left the darkness. When experienced on both ends of life, is experienced on the hope of a people. Because children are the hope of a people and the elderly are a people of hope. Children because we are going to replace us, are those who are to receive the torch. And the elderly because they are the wisdom of the people and are what we have to give what they have experienced in their way of life. And today, in the twenty-first century, as sufficient, men experience with children and the elderly.

The compass is crazy. Even here, in this city, not everything, but it is the temptation to experiment with kids and elderly. It brings back ugly images, images of the first half of last century. What to see? How long is a little old with one hundred and twenty dollars in his pocket without remedies without doctor? Experienced with the wisdom of old age. Or with the kids experiment with this value … no, let’s try this one … well let’s try … let’s try there. And they distorted consciousness and subtly makes them enter that world of darkness disguised relativism that is light. And not only in the cultural field, also in the social field. Since last July 16 there are 192 guys on the street, in Lower Soldati, as a result of an “eviction” in a settlement. And this, under the gaze of those responsible for the common good. He is experienced with the boys in the social field. He is experienced with the guys in the cultural field. It is experimenting with the boys in the field of ethics, of morality.

Here it is not our prophet porteño phrase “give … everything is going well”, because that way “back in the oven to let ‘find’. Here it one thing: the truth that gives light, the truth is not traded, the truth is a hard road, and with the kids and the elderly is not experienced.

To you who work in this noble endeavor to grow in the truth to our kids, thanks. Thank you. From heart. I know it is not easy. I know that the use of squatting is always at hand. But heartfelt thanks. I am indebted to what you do.

And to you guys, do not be afraid of the effort. Do not go through easily. Seek the truth because only the truth will make them free.

May the Lord grant us and our mother this grace.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio S.J.
Archbishop of Buenos Aires

Posted in 2002

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