Memorial Mass of John Paul II

April 4, 2005

The Virgin Mary has its roots in the long line of history, of men and women that God told him yes and later in life took that attitude obediential. A row of men and women who began the day our father Abram left his home without knowing where he was going. He obeyed and believed. And today, Solemnity of the Incarnation of the Word, the Son of God also begins this historic road. Sale, it is the Father to do His will.

“You have not wanted to sacrifice or oblation instead have given me a body. So here I am. I come to God, your will. “And Mary, in turn says it be done to me according to your will. Attitude obediential of a walker, a walker, who starts to walk the walk, and in the case the Lord, Isaiah prophesied obediential attitude: “Behold, the virgin is pregnant and will give birth to a son and will call him by the name of Emmanuel which means, God with us.”

God gets into this human caravan, gets into this road and follow progress with us and God is getting into the cracks of our existence, is one more of us. The Word is anointed, and before being anointed with the oil of choice with our flesh is anointed “to do your will” and so begins the journey of Christ. “To do your will” and end in the critical hours of his life about to be taken prisoner feels that deep agony in the solitude of the forest and in the solitude of his heart: “Father not do what I want but your will “. Consistency obediential a vocation. Coherence who feels called and obeys the call and walks according to his calling, and is one who walks with us. The closeness, projimidad of God walking with us.

I was sent, I have been anointed with the oil of gladness, says the Lord. To release captives, to give sight to the blind, to heal lepers, walk to the weak knees. Anointed to walk along the entire human limitation, all human joy, to every human misery, anointed with the service authority of him who came to walk, to be Emmanuel, God with us to serve. Obediential Attitude of Christ: “You gave me a body and I said I’m here to do your will” is the crux of coherence and consistency not just say Christian but human consistency. And today on this Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord we celebrate this coherence.

God wanted to be consistent and shows us the path of consistency. Mary is consistent and shows us the path of consistency, does what he thinks, what he believes proclaims, makes you think. And not only momentous but consistent within itself. Christ think coherently because he thinks what he feels and what he does. Feel coherently because he feels what he thinks and what he does. Work consistently because it makes you feel and what you think. Consistency obediential, transparent consistency, coherence that has nothing to hide, consistency is all good and overcome evil with good consistent that its offer “to do your will,” says the Father.

And on this feast of the Annunciation of the Lord remember another great consistent. Argentina said this writer, the text we read at the beginning of Mass: With this consistent “ends the twentieth century.” Juan Pablo simply was consistent, never cheated, never lied, never chicaneó. Juan Pablo communicated with his people, with the consistency of a man of God, with the consistency of one who every morning spent long hours in adoration, and it was left harmonize adored by the power of God. Coherence is not purchased, the consistency is not studied in any race. Coherence is carving in the heart with worship, with the anointing to serve others and rectitude of conduct. No lies, no deception, no bending. Nathanael Jesus said once when she was walking, “Behold an Israelite law without bending. “I think we can say of John Paul, the consistent. But because it was consistent chiseling left by the will of God. was left humiliated by the will of God. stopped to grow in his soul that had that attitude obediential our father Abraham, and from there all that followed.

Consistent recall a man who once told us that this world does not need teachers, needs witnesses, and consistent is a witness. A man who puts his eggs in one basket and endorse his flesh and his whole life, with its transparency, what he preaches.

On the day of the proclamation of this coherence obediential in the Incarnation of the Word we watch this consistent. This coherent sheer consistency is smeared hands, saved us a fratricidal slaughter, this coherent enjoyed taking the kids in arms because he believed in the tenderness. This consistent that more than once he brought men from the street, here we hobos, Piazza Risorgimento to speak and give them a new life conditions. This coherent when health became asked permission to go to jail to speak with the man who had tried to kill him.

It is a witness. I end by repeating his words: “What this world needs are not teachers are witnesses.” And in the Incarnation of the Word, Christ is the faithful witness. Today we see in John Paul a faithful imitation of this witness. And thank you ended his life well, consistently, that has completed its life as just that: a faithful witness.

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