Metropolitan Cathedral. Mass for Education

Metropolitan Cathedral. Mass for Education

Transcription of the Homily of Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Card. Jorge Mario Bergoglio, SJ

The Gospel we have just heard says a phrase that can help us today to get into the message of the day: “In this is the judgment, the light came into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light because their deeds were evil … ‘

The trial of a person towards life, the trial of a person against himself, the trial of a person before God, is given in this fundamental choice: me or I have no fear to light and show me how I am if I stand or assume all the consequences in the darkness I sneak to plug in clarioscuro of ambiguities or thousands of these defenses and unconscious, subconscious or conscious that we have to cover, there, really.

When we get into the light we appear as we are and sometimes it hurts, it hurts. But it is a fruitful pain is pain that gives life, is pain that grows. Darkness begins with the opposite sign are good anesthesia, do not hurt but you have to disorientation to self-deception ultimately have no outlet.

Focus education from this antinomy: light and darkness is liberating because it puts us on the path of truth, truth tolerates light, darkness hides, hides the lie, the fayuteada, hides the double life, hiding all what he can not stand up to the light.

I would like to ask all of you who work in education, if we look a little educational driving our way is not afraid to light and if we find that he is afraid, because courage and forward but let’s not get pinched by fear Which brings us to the darkness.

And what is the way to enter the light cone, the cone of truth? Words are, no prescription. You can say you do this, this, this and this. The mandatory always incomplete because it deprives people of discovering step by step … finding and taking the admiration, the wonder of discovery in the way of truth. The mandatory can help a little as walkers help the kids but the way the truth and the light is on growth … for freedom. The road then just words, but ideas are gestures and gestures are very simple, I just heard on the letter to the Colossians: “Practice benevolence” is not biting each other’s ears … benevolence. Clothe yourselves with deep compassion. Compassion is not pity, is suffering with. Open hearts to suffer with the problems of others. Look around us and incorporate into our daily life and walk, the problems of others.

And I insist: practice kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. And, as if that were not enough, patience says: “bearing with one another and forgiving one another whenever someone has something against another.” Bear with and forgive, be humble and patient, be understanding are gestures, gestures projimidad, charitable gestures, gestures of love.

Are the love? No, not love. Love is much further, but these are gestures that are born of love, then, the way to truth not going to give me both the arguments and ideas of life and attitudes such as these attitudes of life, in some Thus, we husk of those starched hardnesses of these inhuman poses, which ultimately us from an attitude of projimidad, approach the one we need.

The way of truth is the light, only comes from a heart that will love. But I do not know loving father. None can love, we learn every day. Cheer up, how? And with these gestures chiquititos: benevolence, deep compassion, humility, gentleness, patience and bear with each other and putting up every day.

In this phrase the educational task is heavy, supported, walk together and hold it to grow this is what I ask for the program this year.

Get into the cone of light because that is the truth, but for this, in order to get into the cone of light with these attitudes will lead us by the hand projimidad attitudes. May God grant all this grace.

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